Desperate times calls for desperate measures. In this episode of The Flash, “Enter Zoom,” Barry and the gang have no other option than to ask for help from Linda Park, Barry’s ex-love interest and a Dr. Light look-alike. She’s not an experienced member of the team, but it is the closest thing they have to a chance at catching Zoom.

While Caitlin, Cisco and an MIA Jay aren’t too keen on the idea of Barry confronting Zoom, Iris is supportive. Surprisingly, she’s the one to enlist the help of Linda while Barry gets Dr. Light on board.

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Luring Zoom

The gang’s plan takes a different turn when Dr. Light escapes from the lab. Joe sees this as a sign, while Barry sees it as more of a reason to forge ahead, with Linda posing as Light.

Luckily, the gang is supportive and does their best to help Linda get ready to lure Zoom in. After a heart to heart with Joe about why he’s so determined to get Zoom, Barry decides that he must show Linda who the Flash really is in order for their plan to work. Her response is priceless as she declares, “I made out with The Flash.”

Watching her prep with gloves that shoot light created by Cisco is hilarious. She blows away several cardboard cutouts and the real Cisco in between screeches out of fear. For Caitlin, Cisco and Joe, Linda’s warehouse woes are just another indication that Barry’s plan to lure Zoom is too dangerous. But they move ahead, staging their Light/Flash confrontation to catch the evil speedster on a rooftop. Joe and Harry 2 hide on the side with guns ready to take down the villain with slits for a mouth. 

Zoom doesn’t show after Linda, posing as Dr. Light, takes Barry down and throws his emblem into a nearby breach. Harry is sure that something went wrong. His assumption is right, as Linda is later kidnapped by Zoom outside of Picture News. 

The Life of Harrison Wells on Earth 2

While Barry focuses on catching Zoom, Joe, Caitlin and Cisco are trying to learn more about Harry from Earth 2. While we get to see the memories of Harry 2 from his point of view, Cisco and Caitlin grasp at straws trying to piece together just who this Harry Wells is. 

After his first attempt at reading Wells with his meta-human powers, Cisco is confronted by him. Harry 2 knows what Cisco is up to, but it doesn’t stop Cisco from learning later on in the episode that Harry 2’s daughter, Jess, was taken by Zoom and she is still alive. It is clear now that Harry 2 has been sticking around to help Barry.

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Barry Finally Faces Off with Zoom

Barry really rocks when he uses his powers to throw a massive bolt of lightening, a technique he learned from Jay. It’s not enough to take down Zoom, who grabs it in mid-air. Yes, Barry is in trouble and it isn’t long after the two duel that Barry becomes Zoom’s rag doll. The villain drags him from Picture News and to the precinct to humiliate their hero, who has been left bloody and lifeless. In the end, Barry is left in the hospital and he can’t feel his legs!

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