The Winchester Brothers have put aside their differences and reunited as a team going into Supernatural season 9. With the Angels fallen from heaven and the Gates of Hell still open, they will have plenty of challenges to face. 

Jensen Ackles spoke with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con about what’s next for the brothers in this new world.

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Here’s the full Jensen Ackles video interview:

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Highlights from the interview:

  • “Hanging out. Driving the car.” That’s what’s to expect in season 9.
  • The season premiere picks up where the season 8 finale ended. The brothers chose each other over closing the Gates of Hell. They will work together to navigate the new environment.
  • The brothers don’t know if the fallen angels will be “friend or foe.” Or if it will be a “case-by-case” situation.
  • Dean will not be “the guilty cheerleader anymore.” He felt he should have been the one that did the trials. He’s put the guilt about that aside. It’s over and now Dean can move forward.
  • “They think that [Crowley] will serve them better alive than dead.” They want to get as much info out of him as possible.
  • “Let’s Zero Dark Thirty his ass.” — Line in Season 9 from Dean about Crowley.
  • Kevin Tran is still around and “studying away.” They will be using the Men of Letters knowledge. And, Dean loves the home base, while Sam sees it as a research lab.
  • “They have outgrown the scope of Dad’s journal to the extent of what they are dealing with, so the Men of Letters is gonna come in handy, I’m sure.”
  • Castiel and his powers have been useful to the brothers. Now that he’s lost his angel powers, it will be interesting to see how he and the brothers relate now “given that he’s just a regular guy.”
  • They will have to have some training sessions with Castiel, but no Impala driving lessons. Dean will keep that to himself.
  • On favorite monster to kill, “I immediately want to say Vampires because I’m so sick of them.” 
  • Most memorable killing or torture scene was with Alastair. “Dean really took his time with that one and that was kinda cool. I liked that.”

Supernatural season 9 premieres Tuesday, October 8 at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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(Image and video: Carla Day.)

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