Ever since the can opener was first mentioned on Suits, its use has been a mystery. The intrigue heightened when Harvey added the clue that it involves thumb tacks. On this week’s “The Other Time” the origin story of the can opener will be told. Oh … and we’ll get to see why Harvey left the District Attorney’s Office to join Pearson Hardman.

This spring, BuddyTV visited the Suits set in Toronto courtesy of the USA Network. Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty spoke with reporters about the flashback episode and teased what we’ll learn about their characters.

“We’ll get to understand why Harvey’s the moral guy that he is,” said Rafferty

That’s not all we’ll learn about him though, Macht teased, “… Harvey doesn’t sleep with anybody he works with, and we’re gonna learn why.” Could that have anything to do with Donna? 

Neither of them said, but we do find out why they get along so well, Rafferty said, “[The flashbacks] are really great at illuminating why he becomes the guy he is and why they become the team that they are. And that’s what I love about it. love their teamness.”

Their relationship was different ten years ago, Rafferty explained, “Their given circumstances are not at all like their given circumstances are in the present, so they have a looser kind of banter and they’re having more fun, and they’re really comfortable with each other.”

It was easier back then because they didn’t have the troubles that they have in the present day. Rafferty continued, “They don’t have the weight of like, the merger and what’s going on with Jessica, and Mike is… doesn’t exist, you know.  Like the weight of that just isn’t on their life, and … they’re sort of just starting out.”

During the flashback, Harvey made the transition from the DAs office to work for Jessica and it ties back to his relationship with Cameron Dennis and misconduct. Macht explained, “… we see Harvey in his office 10 years ago, and you see what he hid that connects back to season 2 and Donna’s whole thing.  And, so there’s– and that repeats itself a few times where we see why they’re so at odds with each other. And, they’re try — they’re playin’ their moves, each of their moves.”

While all of that is interesting, the big question to be answered is about the can opener, right?  Macht assured, “Uh, you are gonna learn about the origin of the kitchen utensil, you’re gonna learn, a lot more about that.” 

It gets even more interesting. Macht continued, “And I’ll tell you this, when we did the first read through, all of us, like, our eyes popped out and we were like, ‘Whoa, what is… what did we do in that?’ Um, and then they had to like, really like, clean it up.”

Intrigued? It doesn’t sound like the entire secret of the can opener will be revealed, though perhaps it’s better that a bit of mystery remains.

Suits airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on USA.

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