Suits proved in “The Other Time” that history does repeat itself and that people don’t really change that much in 10 years. Well, except for the whole Harvey and Donna sleeping together thing. That was a one time, never-to-be-mentioned-again moment. 

Harvey and Donna

It was odd to see Harvey and Donna be so flirty with other in the past. It’s just not right. I know there are plenty of fans that want to see these two in a romantic relationship with each other, but it’s not meant to be. Now, they need each other, but not in a sexual manner.

They are and should remain work spouses. They understand each other almost too well to be in a romantic relationship. Though, I did appreciate the light and flirty banter that they had so many years ago. They still have the banter, but it has a more serious, adult tone to it now.

When Harvey and Donna met the first time at the diner and he asked her to work for him again, there was a moment of sadness for Donna. She thought there was something more potentially between them, but he was willing to throw that away because he needed her professionally more then personally.

Could they have been each other’s soul mate? Perhaps, but ultimately neither of them would have likely succeeded professionally in the same way without each other. It may have been a sacrifice though it was a good one.

In the present day, Harvey held becoming a named partner secret from Donna to punish her for having a relationship with Stephen. Did she deserve that? Probably not, but he made is point. As shown in the flashback, she was intuitive and her not knowing about it was partially due to her own inattention to Harvey.

Would Harvey care if Donna dated a guy? No. He did mind that she broke her rule about dating someone from the office. While she was irritated that he didn’t admit that he cared. It was touching to see them come to terms with their feelings about the situation.

What will happen next? Well, Stephen’s going to pay a hefty price for betraying them both. Now that Donna has broken her rule, will that change the relationship between Harvey and Donna? I hope not, though … the heart wants what the heart wants. Maybe there is something there?

Harvey’s Moral Code

Last season, we found out that Harvey left the DA’s Office because of Cameron Dennis’ unethical behavior and burying evidence. Now we know the full story behind what Cameron did, how Harvey was involved, and why Harvey returned to work for Jessica.

Harvey’s always had a high moral standard. He may push the limits of the law for his clients, but he doesn’t cross them. In the flashback, we saw that quality came from his father. And, from Donna too. 

Initially, Harvey’s decision to operate in the gray area with the undisclosed evidence. Though, after talking to his father and Donna, he realized that Cameron’s missing evidence wasn’t a mistake but a pattern of illegal actions. (And, those were the files that Donna took when she left the DA’s Office and used with Jessica’s approval without Harvey’s knowledge last season.)

Just like Harvey’s mother was a repeat cheater, Cameron would continue to act outside of the law and Harvey didn’t want any part of it. If he covered once, he would be do it again and again. 

Harvey did learn and adjust over the years a bit. He followed in Jessica’s footsteps in his actions to become Managing Partner. The difference between the two though is Jessica was righteous in her actions, while Harvey came to regret his secretive coup.

He forgot his moral center out of anger towards Jessica, but it never left him. It was just suppressed due to her disregard and slight against him. She may be angry at him for now, but ultimately just like she respected Mike’s blackmail over the letter she wrote, she’ll get over Harvey’s actions.

Now that Cameron has a witness against Ava, thanks to Stephen, will Harvey be able to save her from a murder conviction while maintaining his integrity? I hope so because the Harvey without his moral center isn’t a Harvey I enjoy seeing.

Mike and Trevor

I don’t like Trevor and I hope we never, ever, ever see him again. At least, it was in a flashback and Trevor wasn’t around to cause Mike even more trouble in the present. He’s bad news and needs to stay out of Mike’s life.

Trevor was a bad influence. He was always making poor decisions and then counted on Mike to clean up his mess. Trevor was in it for the quick score and took advantage of Mike’s natural talent to do it.

Sure, Trevor wasn’t all bad. He did take the blame for the test and was going to take responsibility for the drugs. That wasn’t enough to offset the damage or justify why Mike was friends with Trevor.

Trevor cost Mike his chance to go to Harvard. And, the good-hearted Mike didn’t hold that against him and they remained friends. At least it all sort of worked out. Trevor’s future mistake is what put Mike at the hotel to meet Harvey and get a job at Pearson Hardman.

The Can Opener Let Down … Or Not?

Were you hoping to see more about the can opener ritual? If you were then you were probably pretty disappointed with the reveal. I’m glad that we didn’t find out more about it. A can opener is such an odd choice for a mystery ritual that it was enough to find out how it came about.

I hope we never find out the specifics about the ritual. The mystery is the fun of it. Viewers can speculate and imagine what it could be. No reveal could outdo the unknown. Would you be disappointed if it’s never explained? Or, do you prefer the mystery?

Odds and Ends

  • Grams was back! The comparison of Mike’s grandmother and Harvey’s mother was a pleasure to see. They were both funny, strong and supportive. 
  • Mike’s support of Rachel was a positive move for their relationship. And, his willingness to open up to her about his past was huge. Though, she better not be headed to Stanford!
  • Poor Louis! His reaction to Harvey’s return to the firm was priceless. How many days early was it? And, his similar need to take a day to adjust to Harvey being a named partner was a nice touch.
  • Harvey was Mike! The similarities in attitude between the two was hilarious. High five, movie lines, and relationship with his mentor. At least, Harvey and Mike worked out their differences quickly.
  • Omar! The Wire and Pulp Fiction references FTW!

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