Previously on Supernatural: A crocotta played a mean trick on Dean, making him think he got a call from his Dead Dad John with insider tips on how to get out of his deal. It was a hoax, and time continues to run out as Sam and Dean desperately search for a way out.

In the appropriately named Erie, Pennsylvania, some hot shot plastic surgeon is shoved in his car trunk. Later we see the surgeon return to the hospital, severely injured. He opens his jacket to a nurse who’s “seen everything,” and she screams in horror when his insides spill out of him.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) interrogate a demon, wanting to know who holds the contract on Dean’s soul, but this demon is more scared of the demon than he is of the Winchesters, so they kill him off. Sam mentions the newspaper story about the liver-spilling doctor, saying that fingerprints on the dead body were connected to a dead guy. Though he wants to save his soul, Dean appreciates a possible zombie distraction.

The boys investigate and find the liver wasn’t just cut out, but surgically removed. Sam is disappointed it’s not a zombie, but Dean still thinks it could be an organ-stealing, skillful zombie. Some research connects these surgeries to some in the 19th century because of silk sutures and bodies filled with maggots. The story is similar to an old tale their dad told them about Doc Benton, an alchemy-loving surgeon who John allegedly hunted and killed. Despite countless references to bile, maggots and even fecal matter, Dean hilariously keeps on eating his sandwich.

A runner with a pulse watch gets kidnapped by Doc Benton. The bad doctor performs surgery without anesthetic so that he can literally show the runner his own heart before it flatlines. Congratulations, Supernatural, you’ve reached a whole new level of grossing me out.

Uncle Bobby (Jim Beaver) calls up Dean to say he has a lead on Bela in Vermont. Sam wants to stick around and finish the case, and before you question his motives, it’s because Doc Benton has found the secret to immortality and if they can find him and ask him about it, Dean and Sam can use it and live forever to avoid going to Hell. Dean has no interest in that crazy solution, so the brothers part ways to find their own ways out of the deal.

Deans makes his way to Rufus, Bobby’s contact. Rufus is surly, acting like Samuel L. Jackson at the start of Die Hard with a Vengeance. After Rufus refuses to tell him where Bela is, Dean pulls out some Johnny Walker Blue to seal the deal. Rufus lays some sad truths on Dean about how the Colt won’t fix anything, and for demon hunters, there is no such thing as a happy ending. Regarding Bela, Rufus then asks “You do her ear?” Dean is as confused as I am, but Rufus reveals that ears are as unique as fingerprints (which Bela burned off), so he now has a dossier on Bela.

Bela (Lauren Cohan) returns to her motel where Dean is waiting. She claims the Colt is long gone, but he searches anyway, firing a shot to show her he’s not kidding. Dean pulls his gun on her and says he knows that she killed her parents and inherited their millions. Dean ultimately decides she’s not worth killing and leaves. Unfortunately, she stole a receipt from his pocket and makes a call telling the person on the other line her trap worked and she now knows where the Winchesters are.

Sam finds Doc Benton’s surgical cabin and rescues one of the barely living victims, but doesn’t escape before having a run-in with the immortal surgeon. Dean calls up his brother and Sam reveals that while in the cabin he stole Doc Benton’s immortality formula which is actually just weird science, not black magic. That is short-lived when Doc Benton shows up to drug and kidnap Sam as Dean listens on.

In Doc Benton’s cabin, Sam is tied up. Doc knows all about Sammy and promises his chances of surviving the surgery are good. The surgeries are to help Doc Benton replace failing body parts. I’m now even more grossed out than before, because Doc Benton wants Sam’s pretty little eyes. He nearly scoops one out when Dean shows up shooting. Bullets don’t work, but Dean stabs him with a dagger coated with the Doc’s chloroform, paralyzing all his organs. They tie him up, and Doc Benton offers up his immortality recipe in exchange for his own life. Sam wants Dean to consider it, but Dean refuses because he wouldn’t want to live like that. They lock him in a refrigerator and bury it six feet under.

Bela sneaks into the motel room and shoots the two beds. Too bad for her, they’re blow-up dolls. A phone rings, and it’s Dean saying he knew she stole the receipt. It turns out 10 years ago today, Bela made a deal for her soul with Lillith to kill her parents. The deal changed however, and Lillith wanted her to kill Sam. Bela cries, asking for help to save her soul. She also tells Dean that Lillith also holds his deal because she holds all the deals. There’s nothing Dean can or will do. Midnight strikes, and the growls of the hell hounds loom outside of the motel room.

Next week on the season finale of Supernatural: Dean’s deal comes due. How will he get out of it? Or will he?

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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