There’s so much of me that wants to applaud Heidi, except I know that she and Spencer are still together.  They’re constantly on the cover of US Weekly magazine and spotted in public by TMZ.  I want to give Heidi credit for taking charge of her own life and taking off for Vegas but it all seems to be for show and for ratings.  What else is new? 

On last night’s episode of The Hills, besides the Spencer/Heidi drama, there was Lauren/Lo/Audrina drama.  The three thought that moving in together would be a good idea but they were very, very wrong.  Actually, think back two weeks ago.  Did any of them have a look on their face like they were excited to become roomies?  Not really.  That’s probably because they knew how it would end.

I thought I was crazy until I saw the preview for next week’s episode where Audrina blamed Lo for the rift in her friendship with Lauren.  Then I watched the episode back again and realized that Audrina actually said something observant and smart … for once.  Lo was never enthusiastic about having Audrina around but put on her fake Laguna smile and pretend like everything was okay. 

When Lauren and Lo met up with Audrina at a recording studio to see Alkaline Trio lay some tracks down, Lo lasted about 5 minutes before yawning and whining that she needed sushi.  When they headed out, Lo complained that Audrina couldn’t come along.  Yeah, ’cause she was working!  Later, the besties came home with a new dog, calling themselves the mommies.  Of course Audrina would feel left out.  When she headed back to Chateau Audrina, Lo put on her best pouty face, convincing Lauren that it was Audrina who was separating herself.

The question starts to become: how many close friends will Lauren lose?   She’s managed to hang on to Lo since childhood but she hasn’t maintained a solid, tight friendship with Whitney, she’s not on speaking terms with Heidi, and things are going south fast with Audrina.  At this rate, how will the show even continue?

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV