I’m growing a little worried about Dean. At first, his seemingly juvenile obsession with porn and sex was amusing, a harmless little hobby. But lately, it’s taking on a disturbing new tone.

In last night’s episode of Supernatural, Dean proudly boasted that three of the female cheerleaders at the high school they were investigating were legal. If he discovered this through some normal method, it might be OK, but since he was snooping in the principal’s office for dead kids, it means he actively chose to seek out the ages of the cheerleaders. It was a funny line, but it’s also kind of gross.

If that’s not enough, the flashbacks also let us know that, even in high school, he was calling his female teachers “sugar” and hooking up with multiple girls in the janitor’s closet. I think it’s about time someone sat him down and had an intervention.

Dean Winchester is a sexaholic. He loves sex and porn, thinking about sex and porn, and talking about sex and porn. If you had to list Dean’s three favorite things in the world, two of them would be breasts.

Next week, it looks like Dean’s sex drive will go into overdrive when Supernatural brings on sexy siren strippers who convince men to do their bidding. Hopefully a bad sexual encounter with strippers will be just what the doctor ordered to calm down Dean’s libido.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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