There was high-stakes drama all around when Suits aired its very first season finale back in September, what with everything surrounding Harvey and Mike. On the one hand, there was Harvey trying to absolve a man who was falsely convicted. It originally happened with the former District Attorney, Cameron Dennis. But with the new DA, Terrence Wolf, trying to stop him with everything he has, things heated up even more.

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Then there was that mention of a can opener. “Wait, let’s go in your office.” “I’ll get the can opener.” What was that all about? I know Suits fans everyone are dying to find out what they went to do in his office. There’s been very little news that’s come out regarding what to expect during Suits season 2. So let’s go to show creator Aaron Korsh to see what he has to say.

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What to Expect from Suits Season 2

It seems as if even Aaron Korsh himself knows very little about what’s going to happen in Suits season 2. For instance, did Trevor rat out Mike to Jessica? He’s leaving his options open, but that’s a very plausible scenario. He wants to also delve more into Harvey and Donna’s relationship.

Will any new characters join the show next year? Korsh told the Hollywood Reporter, “We’re going to bring in one or two characters in the firm, just to freshen up or throw in a kink into the dynamics. And maybe somebody new from Mike and/or Harvey’s past.” Ooh, imagine the drama that could stem from that.

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Like I said, he doesn’t have a firm footing yet on Suits season 2, but he’s just going to let his ideas mull around for a while and see what clicks for him. That includes the cliffhanger surrounding Trevor.

Were you a fan of Chi McBride, who played the new DA? If so, there’s a chance he’ll make a return appearance. But because not all of Korsh’s ideas can make it into the limited amount of time a cable season is on for, McBride might only return for one episode.

And finally, what do Harvey and Donna do with a can opener? Korsh told EW, “I have some notions as to what they do, but there’s no definitive answer currently.” I doubt that answer will satisfy anyone, but I guess it’ll have to do for now.

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Are you looking forward to the return of Suits next summer with 16 all-new episodes? If you can’t wait, Korsh says there will most likely be a DVD of season 1 that’ll include deleted scenes, bloopers and a commentary. And in the meantime, here are two promos for season 2; unfortunately, there are no new scenes included, but worth checking out anyway.

Suits returns for another season in summer 2012 on USA. Need more? Check out the premiere photos here.

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