NCIS will be back for new episodes starting early in January. And it looks like the show will be returning with some familiar faces. Three guest stars are scheduled to return during the first two episodes of 2012. Which old characters will come back? Keep reading to find out!

WARNING: There are some spoilers in this casting news. You probably should just stop reading now if such things bother you. Otherwise, no worries!

A Return from the “Dead”
In the season 9 premiere, we watched as EJ Barrett was shot and killed when her role in couriering top-secret microchips was discovered. But then the body disappeared. Did this mean that she wasn’t really dead?


A report from TVLine tells us that Sarah Jane Morris will return to the part of EJ Barrett in the January 3 episode of NCIS. Her return is set to bring “answers to unresolved questions, danger and intrigue,” according to NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg.

Hopefully, those answers will include the how and why of Barrett’s survival.

Who Else Will Return?
In the same January 3 episode, we can expect the return of Scott Wolf as Agent Stratton (as reported in TVLine). There aren’t many details about what Stratton will be doing in his NCIS return, but Gary Glasberg was quoted as saying, “Stratton intends to finish what he started.”

And Then One Week Later…
The guest-star returns don’t end with the January 3 episode. In the very next week, on January 10, Enrique Murciano will reprise his role as Agent Ray Cruz. reports that sparks will again fly between the agent and NCIS‘ Ziva David.

Should be interesting…

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New episodes of NCIS will return to CBS on Tuesday, January 3 at 8pm.

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