I’ve been quite hard on Glee for reneging on its promise to avoid celebrity stunt casting this season with Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Pitbull and NeNe Leakes, but I’m willing to make an exception. According to TVLIne, Oscar winner and smoking hot senior citizen Helen Mirren will be lending her voice to the series for one episode.

Mirren won’t appear on screen, but she has recorded some voiceover dialogue for an unnamed character and her voice will be heard in the first episode of 2012 airing January 17.

What character will she provide an inner voice for? I have three guesses.

Lord Tubbington

This is my first guess, and if I’m right, I will officially be in love with this episode no matter what else happens. Mirren certainly has a royal dignity to her voice, so perhaps she will give us insight into Brittany’s fat cat. Sure, Lord Tubbington is supposed to be male, but maybe Brittany was just wrong about the feline’s gender. And maybe instead of being fat, Lord Tubbington is pregnant with a litter of kittens.


On The Simpsons, Elizabeth Taylor leant her voice to Maggie, so perhaps Glee will do an homage by getting Mirren as the voice of Shelby’s baby. Maybe she has some thoughts on the fact that her biological dad was hooking up with her adoptive mother.

Brittany’s Unicorn

In the official promo photos for season 3, we saw Brittany listening to her stuffed unicorn. If the unicorn really does speak to her, Helen Mirren would be a great choice to tell us exactly what that unicorn is telling Brittany to do. It could be political advice since Brittany is now in charge of the student council.

What do you think of Helen Mirren’s voice coming to Glee, and which character do you think she’ll provide an inner monologue for?

Source: TVLine
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