On this episode of Suits, “Trust,” in order to help Mike, Harvey has to take on two clients he swore he’d never represent, Rachel runs into a snag with the Leonard Bailey case and Mike struggles to gain Kevin’s trust. 

The world of white-collar criminals is a small one because the guy Cahill wants Mike to help nab is William Sutter, the scumbag that Harvey refused to represent just days earlier. Harvey is worried that if Kevin finds out that his father-in-law came to see Harvey, and Harvey told him to drop dead, Kevin will never trust Mike.


Now Harvey has to take on the case and kick ass. If he doesn’t, the plan, as well as Harvey and Cahill’s careers, are finished. There’s nothing that says Harvey can’t defend Sutter to the best of his ability while rooting for Mike at the same time. Cahill reluctantly agrees, but warns Harvey that if he remotely puts Cahill in jeopardy, he’s pulling the plug on the whole deal.

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No Bono, No Bueno

After her steamy conjugal visit with Mike, Rachel gets some bad news from Professor Dunbar. Leonard Bailey’s case doesn’t qualify for the Innocence Project. None of the grounds for an appeal revolve around previously undiscovered DNA. Rachel doesn’t care if the case qualifies or not, she made a promise to Leonard Bailey. But there’s nothing Professor Dunbar can do other than promise to find Rachel another case. 

Love and Real Estate

On a lighter note, Louis is moving forward with his plan to win Tara Messer’s heart. There’s just one problem; he doesn’t own a home in the Hamptons for her to redesign. So, Louis seeks help from his go-to girl Donna to help him acquire one. Donna finds it a bit ridiculous that Louis is willing to spend a fortune to buy a house only to spend another fortune remodeling it and suggests that Louis take a less roundabout route of romancing Tara by simply asking her out. Louis feels his best shot is having Tara get to know him first, and he’s confident this could be his last shot at love. Donna is moved enough to agree to help Louis out. 

Trust is a Two-Way Street

Mike is back in his cell, and his first order of business is to get Kevin to tell him what he’s in for. Kevin doesn’t want to share the information, but Mike points out he’s told Kevin everything about him, and besides understanding the fact that Kevin doesn’t want his own kids to visit him in jail, Mike knows nothing about his cellmate. Kevin’s willing to talk to Mike about a lot of things, but that just isn’t one of them.

Harvey tells Sutter he’ll take him on as a client. Harvey knows Sutter came to him because he found out Mike was in prison with Kevin. Sutter’s son-in-law saved Mike from a man Harvey put behind bars, and that means Harvey owes him. Sutter knew Harvey would come crawling back. 

Rachel has to break the news to Leonard Bailey that she can’t take his case, and he doesn’t take the news well. He reminds Rachel that she begged him to take a chance on her, promising she would fight for him. 

Harvey informs Cahill that he’s officially William Sutter’s attorney and unless Cahill brings an indictment in the next 48 hours, Harvey will sue the SEC and Cahill for harassing his client. Cahill sees through Harvey’s plan. Mike can’t get Kevin to talk without Cahill bringing an action.

It doesn’t matter because Cahill refuses to bring an indictment without knowing he’s going to win at trial, and Harvey says Cahill will never win a trial if he doesn’t “shake a tree and see what falls.” Cahill refuses to collude with Harvey, and that’s exactly what Harvey is trying to get Cahill to do by coming to his office and demanding he bring an indictment against his client. Harvey insists he’d take this same course of action no matter who his client was. Cahill promises that if Harvey wants an action, he’ll get one.

Kevin has Doubts About Mike

Harvey pays a visit to Kevin, informing him that he’s representing his father-in-law. Since the SEC thinks William’s firm, the one Kevin worked for, is breaking the law, Harvey wants to know what Kevin plans to say when they come at him. Kevin is going to stick to the same story he’s been telling all along: Sutter is innocent. Harvey warns Kevin that an indictment is coming down any minute. That makes Kevin every inmate’s ticket out of Danbury, so if Kevin ever has a doubt about Sutter’s innocence, he’d better keep it to himself.

Mike still has Gallo riding his ass. It turns out the motion Mike filed on Gallo’s behalf got bounced back. While Mike was “laid up in the infirmary,” Gallo got an email that said it wasn’t filed right. Mike swears it’s a procedural mix up, but he’ll need Gallo’s phone to straighten things out. Gallo doesn’t want to cooperate, but Mike’s used up his phone privileges for two days, so Gallo can play nice or waste time. 

Mike’s also getting the cold shoulder from Kevin. He tells Mike that Harvey is representing his father-in-law which also means he’s representing Kevin, and Harvey told Kevin not to trust anyone. Mike swears he’s on Kevin’s side, but Kevin has his doubts. One minute Gallo is Mike’s sworn enemy, and the next, he’s handing Mike his cell phone like they’re best friends. Mike explains that he’s trying to get Gallo out which is good for both of them. 

But that’s not all that’s got Kevin’s panties in a bunch. He had a friend who works in the infirmary check on Mike, and the guy lets Kevin know that Mike was gone for at least three hours. Mike comes up with a lie about Harvey taking him to the hospital because he didn’t trust that Mike would make it through the night in prison. Mike didn’t tell Kevin, fearing it would put his pal in a position where he’d have to lie for him. Kevin calls B.S. which Mike finds funny since Kevin doesn’t even trust Mike enough to tell him why he’s in prison. 

Playing Hardball

Harvey gets something from Cahill, but it isn’t an indictment. Cahill has suspended Sutter’s trading license instead. Harvey can’t stop this from happening, which means Sutter will fire him which is exactly what he tells Cahill. But since Cahill wasn’t down with Harvey representing Sutter in the first place, he doesn’t give a shit.

Mike uses Gallo’s phone to call Harvey. (These two are having definite communication issues, especially where Kevin is concerned.) Unfortunately, Mike has a more pressing problem. Gallo’s motion needs to be filed in person by his attorney of record. The last thing Harvey wants to do is help Gallo, but if he doesn’t, Mike is going to have bigger problems than getting Kevin to trust him.

Once again, Mike goes to Julius for help. He needs to get a message to the warden. Julius explains that if Mike wants to get a message to the man in charge, he needs to go through the proper channels and do it himself. Mike explains that that’s not a feasible option. Mike has no choice but to tell Julius about his deal. Julius isn’t going to help Mike set up his cellmate as it’s not part of his job description. Mike points out that it is Julius’ job to prepare Mike for life after prison, and this deal guarantees that life after prison will come much faster.

Rachel goes to see her professor. He may not be able to provide her with the resources and backing she needs to work on Bailey’s case, but Rachel has a proposition. What if she can rally the resources and get a qualified attorney to supervise her. Pearson Specter Litt has been known to take a pro bono case now and again. Dunbar agrees.

A Lose-Lose Proposition

Harvey goes to Louis for help with the Sutter case. Louis is the numbers guy. So Louis takes a break from house hunting to come up with a plan. They don’t have to stop the suspension, they can turn Sutter’s firm into a subsidiary of a separate holding company that can execute the trades for him. The rub is that nobody wants to work with Sutter. Harvey reminds Louis about their new trader pals across the hall. 

Harvey is pretty certain Jessica can persuade Stu to do the deed. But first, he has to explain to her why he did a complete turnaround when it comes to Sutter. Jessica knows the ideal outcome means they won’t have Sutter’s business for long, but it pays the bills in the meantime, and they can leverage it into more business anyway. It better, because while losing the case is good for Mike, it’s not so good for the firm.

Jessica comes to Stu with the Sutter deal, promising he’ll get paid handsomely. Stu can’t figure out why a big-time attorney is subletting to him. Jessica explains they hired a lawyer who turned out to be a fraud. Stu is bright enough to suspect that Jessica knew exactly what Mike was.

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The Best Laid Plans

Mike gets pulled out of his cell and thrown into solitary, or at least that’s the latest piece of fiction being handed to Kevin. Waiting for Mike is the warden. So, Julius came through after all. He’s seen a lot of inmates come and go, and these kinds of deals don’t always go well. Mike asks if the warden thinks he’ll serve his full two years, and the warden responds he hopes it doesn’t turn out worse than that. Then Mikey gets to spend the night all by his lonesome. 

The warden wakes up Kevin and questions him just how much he knows about Mike’s little field trip. Kevin denies everything, and the warden makes it clear that if he finds out Kevin is lying, he’ll be the one in solitary, and it won’t just be for one night.

Harvey and Cahill go to court, and Cahill is annoyed when he gets outsmarted by Harvey. To make things worse, Harvey asks the judge to remove Cahill from the case due to their “antagonistic history.” He claims Cahill is trying to get to him through Sutter. This is just a ploy to gain Sutter’s trust and it works. 

Nice try, but no dice. Cahill’s no Harvey, but he can’t argue his way out of a paper bag, so both attorneys remain on the case. 

You Screw Me, I’ll Screw You

Harvey has one last unpleasant piece of business to attend to, and that is to go see Gallo and inform him that he’s his new attorney. In return, not only is Gallo not going to lay a hand on Mike, but he’s going to be Mike’s personal bodyguard. Gallo balks at the idea, threatening to get another lawyer, but Harvey swears he’ll make sure that the powers that be know Gallo tried to poison Mike. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, who will everyone believe? 

Mike returns from solitary and is pretending to blame Kevin for betraying his confidence about Harvey getting him out. Kevin feels guilty enough to finally open up. He got in a fight with his wife. He went out, got drunk, got into his car and almost killed someone. 

Mike wants to know what Kevin and his wife were fighting about, but Kevin clams up.

I miss the carefree Suits days. This season is as overwrought as Sean Penn’s performance in I Am Sam. The only respite from Harvey continually selling out, Jessica bitching about money, and Mike’s incredibly eventful, albeit brief, prison stay is Louis. And Rachel officially wins the Debbie Downer award. Let’s get Mike out and return Pearson Specter Litt to it’s golden days. Who’s with me?

Suits airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA.

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