Quinn was determined to have a memorable Everlasting finale regardless of how many people were hurt and devastated at the end of the season. Meanwhile, Coleman and Yael were just as focused on exposing Everlasting‘s secrets, bringing down the show and everyone responsible. In the end, the UnREAL Season 2 finale, “Friendly Fire,” brought true love to Everlasting and … murder.

Check out three despicable acts, one love story, and an uncertain future!

A Dishonorable Coleman

After a season of believing that Coleman was a good guy, his integrity was brought into question after sleeping with Yael and crushed when Rachel found out he fabricated part of his noteworthy documentary. Ouch!

He may have cared about Rachel and tried to save her, though ultimately, it wasn’t enough. She threatened to expose him and Coleman responded by continuing his question to bring down Everlasting and blabbing Rachel’s deepest secret around. He turned out to be no better than Quinn or Rachel. Maybe worse?

Murder Jeremy

Unlike Coleman, Jeremy truly loves Rachel. When he learned the truth about what happened to Rachel, he was devastated and wanted to make things better for her. Since he was the one who initially blabbed the truth to Yael, he felt responsible and did what needed to be done to protect Rachel and Everlasting.

Jeremy killed Coleman and Yael in an automobile accident. Wow. He literally killed for Rachel. Despicable? It definitely qualifies, but it’s hard not to commend him slightly for cleaning up the problem. It’s not like Coleman and Yael were innocent after all.

Two Brides

A heartbroken Quinn wanted everyone to be as miserable as she felt and had a plan to make that happen. Instead of having Darius propose to Tiffany or Chantal, she convinced both women that he was going to marry them on live television, while keeping Darius in the dark about the plan.

Quinn blindsided all three of them. The two brides walked down the aisle to their future husband in front of their family members as happy as they could be. Instead of finding a delighted Darius, they faced their competition and an unwilling groom. Devastated.

Happily Ever After

Quinn’s plan was crushed when Rachel and Jay took matters into their own hands. They went into this season of Everlasting wanting to make a difference and that plan was derailed. Instead of letting that continue, they pulled a Hail Mary and a brilliant one. A happy ending!

Ruby showed up and saved both Darius and the show. Even Quinn was in awe of Darius and Ruby’s love for each other. A romantic train crash was diverted and an epic love story was reinvigorated in its place. Darius and Ruby!

An Uncertain Future

UnREAL Season 2 ended with things up in the air. What’s next for Everlasting? Jeremy took the threat to them and the show out, but will Quinn, Rachel, Chet and Jeremy be able to continue with business as usual? That question will remain until next year on UnREAL Season 3.

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