As fans prepare to say goodbye to Bones next year, so do the series’ stars. At San Diego Comic-Con, Tamara Taylor and John Boyd looked back to their starts on the show and ahead to the final season.

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Watch the video interview with Tamara Taylor and John Boyd:

Here are the highlights:

  • Taylor said they’re all getting used to saying “final season” and called it “bittersweet.” She’s grateful they have 12 more episodes to “end the series with as much passion and joy as we started it.”
  • “I don’t think they could have been cooler. It was amazing,” Boyd said when looking back at when he joined the show. “There were some serious shoes to fill and coming on a show after such a traumatic thing to happen to such a beloved character and they really just gave me my own thing and let me play and explore it. I really got to build something with Booth that’s really fun to do.”
  • Yes, Cam is getting her wedding. Taylor admitted she was worried they’d pull a fast one and make her the one who didn’t get married. “Who’s catering?” Boyd asked.
  • Boyd approaches the food the same way as the bodies.
  • “I don’t think she wants to believe that he was the one in the first place,” Taylor said of Cam’s feelings about the way Zack has returned. “I think there was such a love for him that I think a part of her is still very hesitant to embrace what happened and the truth of what happened.”
  • With Aubrey, there’s the chance to explore someone who wasn’t there for what happened with Zack before but is now.
  • Fan favorites are definitely coming back.
  • They’re packing as much into 12 episodes as they can, including characters dying.
  • “I think they’re going to kick it up a few notches” going to the end, Taylor shared.

Bones season 12 will premiere in the midseason on FOX.

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