In this episode of Scream, “Heavenly Creatures,” Kieran, Audrey and Emma make a shocking discovery about Eli, Noah mourns Zoe, a video emerges that spills Emma and Audrey’s darkest secrets, and another murder leads to two arrests. 

The killer pays Emma a late-night visit as she sleeps. He’s able to disable the alarm and pick a lock to get inside. He checks in on Maggie but leaves her unarmed as he makes his way to Emma’s room. He pokes around, taking special interest in her dream journal. Hearing a noise, Emma awakens, sensing that she’s not alone. But when she turns over, he’s gone. She hears the door open downstairs and finds a little token of the killer’s affection hanging from the doorknob, a homemade wooden necklace in the shape of a heart with her name on it.

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Noah Suffers from Ennui, Eli’s Been to Lakewood Before

The cavalry arrives in the form of Sheriff Acosta and Lakewood PD’s finest and Kieran. Maggie tells Acosta about her attempt to communicate with Brandon — pretty sure nothing would come of it — but they don’t know if this break is in response or not. Maggie admits that she’s terrified, and Acosta promises her they’ll figure it out.

Maggie still doesn’t think it’s Brandon and wonders who else might have a strong connection to Piper. This brings us back to Kristin Lang.

Noah is recovering in the hospital, and despite his friends doing their best to cheer him up, he’s in a mood. Granted, bringing him coffee after he’s been stabbed in the stomach and offering up horror movies for entertainment may not have been well-thought-out pick-me-ups, but at least they tried. 

Noah’s done with his amateur sleuthing. No more obsessing over the motivations of a psycho killer. No more podcast either. Noah promised his mom that his friends would take down the murder board and everything that goes with it. Noah doesn’t see the point of it all anymore. The killer always wins. 

As Kieran, Emma and Audrey pack up Noah’s stuff, Emma asks Audrey if there’s anything else she hasn’t told her former bestie about her half-sister. Audrey promises that Emma knows the whole embarrassing story — not that Audrey has proven to be especially trustworthy.

It’s safe to say that attention is about to shift off Audrey when Emma finds a newspaper clipping with a picture taken at Will’s funeral. None other than Eli is standing in the background. Kieran had no idea that his cousin was in Lakewood, and Emma can’t begin to imagine what Eli would have been doing at her ex-boyfriend’s funeral. 

Brooke and Stavo Shack Up

Mayor Maddox holds a press conference, assuring his constituents that they’ve survived this kind of rampage before, and they’ll survive it again (and again if there’s a season 3). He urges everyone to keep their loved ones close, no doubt a plea with his baby girl to return home. 

Brooke is still staying at the hotel, and Stavo has been keeping her company. 

Mayor Maddox is a Naughty Boy

Audrey tries to tell Noah about Eli, but he’s standing firm about no longer wanting to be involved. She also delivers pictures of Noah and Zoe from the Lakewood Days carnival. Noah begins to open up about his grief and decides to do one last podcast as a tribute to his fallen girlfriend. 

Audrey gets another cryptic clue from the killer stating that Emma is good at cutting people off, but he cuts deeper. In the interest of full disclosure, Audrey shows the text to Emma and Kieran. Emma thinks the message could have something to do with Eli. After the carnival, he sent her several texts, but she didn’t respond. 

Kieran is ready to confront his cousin, more specifically to bash his head in, but Audrey and Emma advise him that might not be the wisest course of action. If Eli is the killer, who knows what he might do? Kieran agrees to keep his cool for Emma’s sake. 

Eli gets unexpected news from his mother. It appears that Mayor Maddox is paying her $15,000 to get out of town. They have some sort of shady arrangement, the details of which are sure to emerge soon.

Eli doesn’t want to go. Tina knows Eli has a thing for Emma, but staying in town is just too risky and “they” could find out everything about Kieran’s creepy aunt and her even creepier son. 

Eli appears to wear the pants in the family because he informs mommy dearest that they aren’t going anywhere until he says so. When his mother questions what they should do about the Mayor, Eli says he’ll take care of it. 

Meanwhile, Mayor Maddox is still trying to get Brooke to come home. She’s not returning his calls, and he’s worried. His latest attempt to reach her is interrupted when he hears music blasting upstairs. He assumes that Brooke has returned and fails to notice Eli, clad in all black and a hoodie skulking around. 

Eli rummages through the Mayor’s desk, and he must have found something good because he leaves a note for Quinn telling him he’s “so screwed.”

Single White Female

Acosta questions Lang about her connection to Piper. Lang admits to knowing Piper but insists they weren’t close. Lang was only at Blessed Sisters for a short time, and Piper was much younger than she was; they didn’t exactly hang out. Lang also isn’t eager for anyone to find out that she had any connection with Piper at all, given the circumstances.

Acosta brings up the fact that Lang has been recording students without their knowledge. She admits she’s been doing an informal case study on the survivors of last year’s attacks. If they had known she had a link to Piper, they wouldn’t have talked to her. This fails to explain why she was recording Stavo, who wasn’t even in town at the time, or why she felt it was ethical to pick their brains without full disclosure. 

Acosta questions if any of the kids had an unhealthy obsession with Piper, obviously trying to get a feel of her thoughts about Stavo. She says Stavo is very talented with a “unique perspective.” Translation: he’s a bit disturbed. Lang says Stavo’s obsession with death stems from trying to understand his dad. Stavo’s fascination with death started when he took a peek at one of Acosta’s case files. Stavo saw a crime scene photo of a gang member shot in the head, and it was the first time Stavo was struck by the reality of what his father deals with day in and day out. Stavo doesn’t talk about it; he draws it.

But as far as who has the biggest obsession with Piper, that would have to be Emma. 

Stavo visits Noah in the hospital. He urges Noah to reconsider his decision to end The Morgue. Stavo says he’s sending Noah a gift, something better than get-well balloons. Noah checks his e-mail, and there are a series of drawings that paint Noah in a pretty heroic light.

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Letters, Pictures and Blackmailers, Oh My!

Kieran, Audrey and Emma are eager to figure out how Eli is connected to everything that has been going on. Kieran returns home undetected and overhears Eli telling Tina that Mayor Maddox has been doing some pretty shady stuff, including insurance scams and robbing half the people in town, even the James’.

Kieran searches Eli’s room and finds Audrey’s letters to Piper. Also among the letters are pictures of Emma, possibly the ones she saw at the pig farm. The threesome begin to question if Eli has been using the farm as a hideout. They also question just how long Eli has really been in Lakewood. Audrey tells Kieran to put everything back. They can’t run the risk of Eli finding out they’re on to him. 

Kieran heads back into his house, and Emma and Audrey decide to go to the James’ farm to search for more evidence. Meanwhile, Kieran fails to be as stealthy returning the letters as he was removing them. Eli spots his cousin sneaking into his room but doesn’t say anything.

Brooke returns home, and while that solves one of the Mayor’s problems, he’s got another. He gets a text about the documents missing from his desk. The sender wants to meet before he/she/they decide to send them. Is this message from Eli/the possible killer, Tina or a party to be named later?

Emma and Audrey are Outed

Noah records his podcast but announces to his listeners that he’s going to keep doing the show because Zoe would have wanted him to. As he’s finishing up, he discovers that someone hacked his computer and has uploaded their own film starring Emma and Audrey. It includes footage of Audrey discovering Jake’s body, Zoe’s death, excerpts from Emma’s disturbing dream journal and Audrey’s confession about Piper. It does a great job of incriminating the “Final Girls.” 

As Acosta tries to deal with this latest revelation, Maggie informs him that Audrey and Emma are headed to the James’ farm. 

A Simple Plan

Emma decides that the best idea is for her to head into the farmhouse alone, leaving Audrey to keep watch. Because splitting up is always a good idea in these situations. Emma discovers the hidden bedroom and calls Audrey into the house. Audrey spots Emma’s dream journal and reads a particularly gruesome passage that recounts Emma’s dream about stabbing her friends. 

Unexpectedly, Mayor Maddox arrives at the farm. He enters the barn and announces his presence. In spite of a murderer being on the loose, he’s impatient and agitated instead of afraid. He hears a whistle and, believing he’s still dealing with a run-of-the mill blackmailer, walks towards certain doom — a pitchfork through the chest. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Emma and Audrey, curious about what the Mayor is doing at the farm, head into the barn and discover the Mayor still alive. He pulls the pitchfork out of his chest, which doesn’t seem like a smart play, and collapses. Emma and Audrey hear a noise, and stupidly, Emma picks up the pitchfork. Now her prints are on the weapon. The police arrive to find Audrey and Emma with their hands covered in blood and standing over the Mayor’s body. This, coupled with that video, means these girls have some serious explaining to do.

Emma and Audrey are escorted off the property in handcuffs, proclaiming their innocence, but even a Sheriff as inept as Acosta can’t ignore the evidence. What has the killer got in store for our girls next because it certainly doesn’t involve an Orange is the New Black type scenario?

And did Stavo send Noah more than drawings?

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