Maybe Liv should stay single for a while, given her bad luck with dating the past two seasons on iZombie. Rose McIver discussed her character’s love life and BuddyTV got the scoop on what’s coming up in season 3 at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Watch the video interview with Rose McIver:

Here are the highlights:

  • “For Major’s sake on the show, I don’t want them to be dating because it feels like they just keep killing Liv’s boyfriends. Every time she falls in love, something goes wrong.”
  • Ultimately, she hopes Liv and Major end up together, but she doesn’t want them to rush it. Instead, she wants them to let them have a great friendship and see if it comes back around in the long run.
  • Liv’s going to be on dominatrix brain.
  • She hopes there’s an ice-skating episode.
  • She likes the idea of Major eating brains and taking on characteristics too.
  • Though she wants Jennifer Morrison to guest star and to go back to Once Upon a Time, they shoot at the same time and are both very busy.
  • In episode 2, she eats the brain of a protective father and Major has the brains of the angsty daughter. Robert Buckley playing angsty teenage girl is going to be a “highlight.”
  • The brains can fit into the greater picture now.
  • She hopes they find out who Liv’s dad is and have more family stuff.
  • Liv is conflicted about the cure. It once was black and white — she didn’t want to eat brains or not be able to have children — and while it’s still inconvenient to be a zombie, it is a big part of her identity now. She has found a purpose and can help people.

iZombie season 3 will air in the midseason on the CW.

(Image courtesy of Sarah Boyce)