The Whispers has been doling out little reveals at a satisfying pace, building up momentum and promising us a well thought out end game. “The Archer,” features all of Drill’s minions gathered together as Claire and Wes try to uncover the evil being’s true mission. Answers are given in this game-changing episode that even shows us a picture (kinda) of Drill.

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The Scary Continues

The Whispers continues its recent trek to the land of scary, ratcheting up the thrills and chills. This one opens with Wes on a plane spending some alone time with the glowing rock/ship thing. He walks toward it, hand outstretched. Nooo! What are you doing? He goes straight for the glowy part and is zapped to the ground. Surprisingly, the look on his face reads more happy than horror.

Meanwhile, Claire is sifting through pictures of the Drill-connected kiddos, an iPad helping her keep a close eye on Henry. She looks away and — poof — he’s gone. She searches the house, calling out for her son. The creepy music in full force. She finds Henry back in her room, looking at the pictures of Drill’s little buddies.

Henry asks, “What about the others? There’s more, mommy. Drill has lots of friends.” Great. Drill’s collection of creepy kids seems to be ever increasing.

Sean Feels a Drill Pull

Claire visits Sean, who admits, “I wish I could remember us.” He looks sincere, and it’s hard not to feel for the guy. With each passing episode, he seems to be an unwilling, unwitting Drill accomplice. 

Claire insists, “It’ll come.” Lily Rabe has mastered the art of showing us a conflicted woman who really is torn between two men. When she’s with Sean, we see the love for her husband and genuine concern. When she’s with Wes, we see the sparks flying along with more genuine concern. 

She questions Sean about Drill’s other kids, but her husband is of little help. He does talk about “this feeling” and how it’s a “pull.” He says it’s like something is grabbing him and pulling him. Who else is thinking that the blue glowing rock is really a Sean magnet?

Claire Holds All the IQ Points

Wes calls Minx, who questions him on his whereabouts. He’s tight-lipped and Minx is not a happy little girl. As soon as she hangs up, she apologizes to Drill for not being able to get a location. Minx is firmly holding onto that creepiest kid title as she willingly helps her evil buddy.

Wes returns home and meets Claire in a parking garage before heading home. He excitedly talks about how “incredible” his finding is, how it could explain everything about Drill. She says she figured he found something because of Sean’s “pull.” Wes won’t tell her what it is. He goes with the lame “I wish I could share this with you, but…”

Claire, who is firmly holding onto that smartest grownup title, says, “Drill wanted it here for a reason. Someone better find out what that reason is before … before it’s too late.” 

Claire seems about as impressed as Minx with Wes’ lack of sharing. 

Circle Time with Claire

Claire is on a roll in this episode; her next idea is to gather all the Drill-connected kids together in a room knowing that little ones have loose tongues. This could be the best idea she’s had yet or a colossal mistake.

Claire and Lena have a heart to heart, but Minx’s mom says “no way” to the group discussion. She tells “the other woman” she can have her little meeting, but her daughter will not be there. Minx, with full sass, butts in long enough to give Claire the stink eye. 

Wes finds out about the Drill discussion time and decides that he needs to take charge, ordering cameras in the room and basically ruining all of Claire’s plans. He is so bossy considering his kid isn’t even participating. 

Claire says the kids won’t open up in this environment. Good job, Wes. She’s going to give it a try anyways, admitting to the other parents that her son is also involved. 

Claire finally enters the room, saying she doesn’t want this to “get uncomfortable.” Things just got uncomfortable. The kids start piping in about Drill, about what he promises and what he expects from each one. 

“See, Drill just wants to help us,” Harper insists. Yes, the extra cute cutie is back.

“What does Drill want?” Claire asks.

Harper starts to answer: “He said he was sad. He misses his family.”

“So there are others? Others like Drill?” Claire wants to know more. We want to know more.

Harper says Drill had to come first, had to find the food.

So Drill and his kind (aliens?) are searching for a new home. He had to find food (electricity?) before they can join him. What’s next? A full-on alien invasion? Anyone else feeling hints of War of the Worlds?

The lights start flashing crazily, finally going out. Wes can’t open the doors, of course. They’re trapped! Claire holds up her cell phone flashlight, asking Drill what he wants. 

Wes can see Drill through a thermal camera. He’s a blob of electricity that kind of hovers on Henry, moving on and around the little boy.

They break down the door, the lights turn back on and everyone is fine as far as we can tell.

But one of Drill’s helpers has a message: “He says you’re not gonna win.”

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Drill Adds an Adult to the Mix

Minx is at home talking to Drill about the meeting where all the kids are talking about him behind his back (if he has one). Uh oh.  

“It’s Henry’s mom. She’s the one who doesn’t like you. She doesn’t like you, so I don’t like her,” Minx says in her sass-filled voice. Lena listens from outside of the bedroom.

Lena tells Minx she wants to meet Drill. “It’ll be fun,” she insists, adding that she can play like a kid. Minx says, “He wants to play with you.” Oh, this should be fun. Not Lena’s smartest move (has she had any?). Or is it? Is Lena pushing for Drill answers to help or could this be some act of revenge against her husband’s lover? 

Mommy plays with Drill, asking him how many fingers she’s holding up, what item she’s holding (a headband) and passes the test. Minx bounds in, saying, “He says you can play with us! You’re the best mommy in the whole wide world!” 

It will be interesting to see where this goes in the next few episodes. Will Lena help to defeat Drill or fall prey to his promises and do his dirty work?

Yep, It’s an E.T.

A scientist running tests on the blue, glowing rock says they can approximate its journey. It came from millions of light years away; it’s some kind of vessel and is now emitting a signal. It’s communicating with someone. No, this isn’t E.T. trying to phone home. One guess on who it’s calling.

Sean is shown banging on the window of his cell, demanding to see Claire and Wes. He says he knows Wes brought something back from Africa. Back to that darn “pull” he’s feeling.

The awkward trio of Wes, Claire and Sean takes a car ride to visit the spaceship. Sean questions Wes about his wife and kid, saying that they have things in common. Oh, if he only knew. That look on Claire’s face is priceless.

They reach the ship and Sean walks towards it, reaching out to the glowing blue. He doesn’t get zapped, instead sinking his hand into it, eyes closed, with a scowl on his face. He stays like that for a few seconds before being zapped to the ground. Claire rushes to him and — wait for it — he remembers! Everything! Them, their marriage, their kiddo. Wes looks less than thrilled. Sean is back.

This is getting good. The Whispers has laid out some of its cards and now we have to wait to see what it will play. What do we know? Drill is an alien, there are others like him who may join him soon, he had to find “food” and he uses children to help him. It’s an us versus them set-up with the backdrop of some screwed-up individuals that we care about. A romantic triangle is thrown into the mix because why not? Well, at least we think this is what we know. Who’s excited for the next episode? Any predictions? One thing’s for sure: The Whispers, you’ve got us hooked.

The Whispers airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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