Stef and Lena are put to the test in this episode of The Fosters, aptly titled “Going South.” Callie manages to talk Brandon into a road trip under false pretenses. The rebellious trip brings them face to face with the cops, as well as the possibility that they might not get back into the US. Meanwhile, Mariana finally reveals that she has lost her virginity, while AJ is mistaken for a robbery suspect.

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Brandon and Callie’s Road Trip

Callie wakes Brandon up in the middle of the night to go on a secret trip. Little does he suspect that their travels will take them to Mexico for a little hang gliding. Yes, it’s a little crazy to cross the border for some fun, but Callie is on a mission now that she has her license and she’s off of probation. She wants to do something crazy with Brandon, who Callie knows could use a break away from life after being kicked out of music school.

What starts off as a rebellious day trip turns into trouble for the two when the business they trusted to teach them how to hang glide is busted by the cops. Callie and Brandon get busted too and only manage to get away after paying off the police. Just when they think they’re headed home after one insane trip, Callie figures out at the border that they need their passports to get back into the country. The discovery and the anticipated trouble they will face from their moms make them fight about the passports, Brandon’s recent trouble and Callie’s relationship with AJ.  

Lena, Stef and the Contractor

Contractor quotes and a raccoon in the trash become the least of Stef and Lena’s problems when Stef finds a pregnancy test in the trash. Before she can break the news to Lena, talk of therapy becomes a focus for Lena. She wants to learn how to communicate with Stef better. But before they can worry about that, the two need to track down who in the house is dealing with a possible pregnancy.

A Pregnancy Scare

Lena’s first stop is Mariana’s room. She looks to be the likely candidate since she’s still sleeping and, after a few minutes of conversation, reveals to Lena that she and Mat broke up. When Lena questions her, though, she admits that she has hooked up with Mat, but she has not had sex with him.

Callie becomes the next likely candidate. When she doesn’t answer her phone, Stef and Lena start to suspect that she is up to no good. After threatening Mariana, Stef finds out that Brandon and Callie are at a beach in Mexico. The news has Lena and Stef thinking the worst. Could Callie have traveled to Mexico to deal with her pregnancy? And what if Brandon is the father?

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Mariana Confesses

After hearing about the pregnancy test, and Lena and Stef’s suspicion that Callie could be the one expecting — and with Brandon to boot — she decides to come forward. Mariana tells her moms what she was thinking when she set out to lose her virginity to Mat but then lost her virginity to a boy she hardly knew. Stef comes off harsh, but in the end the three have a heart to heart that leaves Mariana feeling the love.

Mike Meets a Member of AJ’s Family

Can things get any harder for AJ? The only family he has left — his grandmother — has Alzheimer’s. Watching him try to talk to his grandmother, who continues to forget who he is, is heartbreaking. Bad turns to good for AJ, though, when Mike has the smart idea of checking the guest book to see if AJ’s brother has paid a visit to the grandmother, and luckily he has! AJ’s brother was there two days prior, giving AJ hope that not only is his brother alive but also that Mike may be able to find him. Mike is quickly called to a B&E with AJ as his ride along, putting a halt to his conversation with AJ.

Mike goes in the house, while AJ is told to stay in the car. Curiosity gets the better of AJ. You can’t blame him. Mike could have been in danger. He is mistaken for the burglar by an officer who arrives as back-up on the scene. Mike seeing AJ handcuffed on the front lawn sets him off. The blessing behind the situation, however, is that Mike’s reaction clearly proves to AJ that he cares. 

In the End

Stef comes to the realization that therapy with Lena may be a good thing after the contractor expresses his worry over being paid in full. He’s dealt with divorcing couples before and was never paid in the end. His admission to Stef makes her change her mind.

Brandon and Callie end up grounded. Most likely for life! After arriving home from Mexico, a classmate of Brandon’s pays him a visit and offers him a way to return back to school.

The Fosters airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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