On this episode of Suits, “Compensation,” a partner at the firm has an axe to grind with Harvey, Mike takes on a case without Jessica’s consent while turning to Rachel’s father for help and Louis’ insecurity causes him to cross the line, igniting an all-out war with Harvey.

Rachel’s pleasant dinner with her dad takes an ugly turn when he presents her with a prenup for Mike to sign. Rachel may not have any assets to protect, but her daddy does, and one day everything he has will be hers. She agrees to look it over, but what are the chances Mike may stumble across it first?
Staging a Coup

Things are still tense between Donna and Harvey, but they have graduated to keeping their interactions cordial. Harvey has a much bigger problem, senior partner Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson). He’s gunning for Harvey, and he wants to really hit old Harv where it hurts — in his wallet. Soloff is the new head of the compensation committee, and he wants to weigh salaries more towards billable hours than contingent compensation. Louis realizes Jack is trying to use his position to take on Harvey. Jack makes it clear that he can either make a name for himself chipping away at Harvey, or he can go after Louis. Not a very subtle threat.

Louis gives Jack the go-ahead to bring up his proposal. Donna overhears and questions why Louis is picking a fight with Harvey. Louis explains that he plans to squash the proposal to prove to Harvey he has his back. Louis knows Harvey is jealous of “Lonna” and wants to make some reparations. Donna warns Louis that encouraging people to go after Harvey just so he can cover Harvey’s nut is a big mistake.

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Jessica is absent from the meeting which is obviously no coincidence since Jack knows she wouldn’t agree to anything that would ruffle her golden boy’s feathers.

Jack brings up his big restructuring idea, and Harvey points at this his latest case, the sale of a man’s company is contingent based. If he loses, he gets nothing. Jack points out that Harvey operates as a separate entity while everyone else works as a team.

Green-Eyed Monsters

Louis keeps to his word and makes a big spectacle out of shaming Jack, but he doesn’t get the “attaboy” from Harvey he was hoping for. He confronts Harvey and admits he let the whole scene play out at the meeting, so he could make things right with Harvey. Louis accuses Harvey of being blinded by jealousy.

In an effort to prove he isn’t jealous, Harvey drops the bombshell that he’s paying a large portion of Donna’s salary, not the firm. When Harvey brought her with him from the DA’s office, Jessica wouldn’t sign off because Harvey was a lowly associate, so he paid her. As Harvey rose in rank, he rewarded Donna as well.

Louis proves he’s the green-eyed monster when he says that he’ll take over the responsibility of supplementing Donna’s salary. Harvey warns him that he might want to figure out what he’s getting into before making the commitment.

Louis runs to Jessica who knows where the conversation is going. Louis finds out that Donna is making serious bank. Jessica has no intention of backing down and offers Louis two choices. He can tell Donna that Harvey’s been augmenting her salary and tell her he’s not going to do it, or he can cover the difference. There’s also a door number three, she can send Donna back to Harvey.

All About the Benjamins

Mike discovers the prenup and realizing Robert Zane seems to have some doubts about his character, goes to see the man in person. He agrees to sign but also tells Robert about his latest case. Mike is going after a big insurance company, and he’s putting his ass on the line for 200 people who have nobody to fight for them but him. Not exactly the type of guy to go after Rachel’s money if things go south.

Robert tells Mike he has no doubt that Mike is going to become a great lawyer, but like his mentors, Jessica and Harvey, Mike’s likely to make a few enemies along the way. When somebody comes for Mike, which Robert believes to be an inevitability, he doesn’t want Rachel to get caught in the crossfire.

Since Harvey refuses to play nice with Louis, all bets are off. Louis calls a meeting with Harvey and Jessica, and he’s got a plan. Or he’s now on board with Jack Soloff’s proposal. Harvey knows Louis just wants to take money out of his paycheck to pay Donna.

Harvey goes for Louis’ jugular. Harvey tells Louis they both know that having Donna working for him was dumb luck, so the least Louis can do is pay her or tell her the truth.

Louis attempts to defend himself, but Jessica cuts him off at the knees, threatening to “slap the taste out of his mouth,” and he scurries off. Harvey thanks Jessica for being on his side, only she’s not. She admits she purposely excused herself from the partners meeting to see if Harvey and Louis could effectively work together without her around as a buffer. Jessica says that Harvey is taking his anger about Donna out on Louis and it has to stop.

Louis’ Lips Sink a Friendship

Louis goes to Soloff and is ready to play ball. He wants to join forces, and he’s willing to play dirty.

Donna figures out what Louis is up to him and pleads with him not to go through with it. He says if Harvey was doing the same thing, she’d back him up, but Donna says Harvey would never do such a thing. Louis says that Donna chose to come work for him, and it’s time for her to pick a side.

Mike Hits a Roadblock

Jessica learns about Mike’s case, and isn’t on board with his crusade. There’s no real money in it for the firm, but Mike points out that Harvey takes cases on contingency all the time to which Jessica replies Harvey does it for the money, not to be a do-gooder. Mike swears the case will make them money, and she reminds them he said the same thing about Liberty Rail and that case almost resulted in Donna going to jail. She tells it to dump it or she will.

It’s Not About the Money

Harvey’s latest case involves a client and friend, Teddy Doyle, who wants to sell his successful company for a fraction of what it’s worth. There’s an offer on the table, and the client wants to take it, but Harvey convinces him to give him 48 hours to up the ante.

Harvey hires a new secretary, Gretchen, and while she may lack Donna’s looks, she’s already proving to be an asset. Like Donna, she likes to eavesdrop, and as the clock winds down, and Harvey is no closer to a solution, she comes to his rescue.

Gretchen points out that Harvey’s client’s motivation to sell may have something to do with the recent death of his best friend. Gretchen and Harvey have some good banter, and Gretchen knows Harvey chose her because there was no physical attraction, but she’s cool with it. Harvey isn’t her type anyway, she prefers more manly men. 

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Harvey goes to the potential buyer, Mr. Polk, and demands that he doubles his offer. If not, Harvey will use his client’s fragile emotional state as grounds for the board to delay the sale. This may drive down the price, but it will still be higher than what’s being offered and after his client’s grief passes, he may still want to sell, but it won’t be to Polk.

Harvey gets Teddy a fair price and questions why Teddy didn’t tell Harvey about his friend’s death. Teddy explains that the death of his childhood friend, who he hadn’t spoken to in years because of a woman, caused him to no longer give a shit about his business. He just didn’t think Harvey would understand.

The story resonates with Harvey who decides to try and make amends with Louis. Harvey admits he’s been a dick, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship. Louis is happier than a puppy getting its peter rubbed. Too bad his plan to take down Harvey has passed the point of no return.

Harvey is on a tear to get Louis fired, but Louis isn’t about to admit to Jessica what he’s done. Harvey goes to Donna demanding that she sell Louis out and she refuses.

Harvey decides to go after what Louis holds most dear. Not money or his partnership, but Donna. Now Harvey is using her as a pawn in his personal war. This cannot end well.

Mike, refusing to give up the good fight, goes to Rachel’s father to help him with his case.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm on USA.

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