The fifth season of Teen Wolf is just around the corner. Season 4 wrapped almost a year ago, so it’s been just that long since we’ve heard from the McCall pack. With all of that time passed, how well do you remember the past four seasons? Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happened so far and what’s expected to happen in the upcoming season.

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Season 5 of Teen Wolf is full of new surprises, old friends and the challenges of adulthood. As you should remember, the McCall pack is heading in to their senior year of high school. At the end of season 4, they were able to put Peter away and foil Kate’s attempt to kill Derek. From here, the pack is ready to start applying to colleges, deal with the possibility of going their separate ways, while also facing challenging new villains. As far as the new season, here is everything we know about what we can expect from the story this season.

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Season 5 Theme: Stick Together

At this year’s PaleyFest, show creator Jeff Davis had a lot to say about the season’s focus on the pack staying together, even post-graduation. Of course, there will be questions of them going in different directions. We already know that Stiles and plans to head out to San Francisco while Scott has no intention of leaving Beacon Hills. However, it does seem unlikely that the show would really split the pack up in upcoming seasons.

The New Wolf in Town

A lone wolf named Theo is heading to Beacon Hills. While he’s new to the pack, he may not be so new to Beacon Hills. According to MTV, Theo knows a few things about Beacon Hills that the pack may not. His knowledge attracts a batch of new villains that the pack is unprepared for.

Who Will Return, Who Will Not

We’ve already learned that, unfortunately, Tyler Hoechlin is not going to be a series regular on season 5. That probably means that the character of Derek Hale will be going his own way. Thankfully, he’s set to make at least a few guest appearances this season, most likely to send his character off appropriately. On the other side, there is still a slight possibility that the character of Alison Argent (Crystal Reed) will somehow return to Beacon Hills. Nothing has been confirmed, but Davis has also not ruled it out.

New Friendships, New Relationships

In season 4, one of the biggest twists that came forth was the reveal that Mason is gay. This season, Mason will find love in a hopeless place in newcomer Corey (Michael Johnston). Details on their relationship have not been revealed, but his first appearance is slated for episode 4.

Mason isn’t the only one who will find love this season. As Liam comes to terms with his new powers (thanks to Scott), he’ll start to fall for Hayden Romero (played by Victoria Moroles). The two will butt heads at first, but their back and forth will eventually become romantic.

The Dread Doctors

We got the chance to meet the new villains in one of the first trailers for season 5, but weren’t given too much description about who they are and what they do. We now know that this is the first time in the show’s run that the villains will have an arc that lasts longer than a season. With that in mind, there’s much more room for the villains to evolve. In an interview with E!, Davis discussed the inspiration behind these doctors:

“There are a variety of influences on these guys, going back from German experiments on humans in World War II to the steampunk aesthetic, the gas-masks, and going back to Plague Doctors during the Bubonic plague. We drew on all those things, but this is actually one of the times were we did our own creating. We call them scientists who worship the supernatural and they have a very specific agenda in Beacon Hills and they are going to get in Scott’s way quite a bit.”

The preview definitely shows some in-empathetic, cold and sadistic looking villains, though the cast and crew have been very clear that the Dread Doctors are actually more human than anyone the pack has faced.

“It’s probably the most human villains we’ve ever had and I think it’s the creepiest because they’re so human-like,” said Holland Roden (who plays Lydia Martin).

Teen Wolf season 5 premieres June 29 at 10pm on MTV.

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