I spent the weekend watching the Scream movies, so I’m ready for some Ghostface. Yes, they’ve changed the Ghostface mask, which I’m not too happy about, but we’ll just have to see if he or she lives up to the original.

So will the show live up to the movies? Can you make a slasher TV show? And will it follow the rules?

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The Requisite First Death

Come on, it’s a slasher show! We have to open up with a girl’s death! And this one goes out to Bella Thorne. The scene is a great nod to Drew Barrymore’s.

The premiere starts out with a girl, Audrey, being cyber-bullied. A video of her making out with a girl is shared all over social media. And Bella Thorne’s Nina was totally behind it.

She goes home and finds out that she’s being filmed and she starts to get some texts. “How does it feel to be the star of the show?” the text says. Of course, Nina thinks it’s Tyler, her boyfriend, but we all know it’s Ghostface.

The suspense builds until Tyler’s head lands in the hot tub. And there’s Ghostface who kills Nina and throws her in the pool.

Meeting the Core Group

After getting past the first death, we meet the main group. Will and Emma are a couple who seem to be having some problems. Will ditched Emma the night before, but they make up. Then Emma’s mom comes down. As a coroner, she works with the sheriff, but Emma thinks they should date.

We catch up with Audrey, who is obsessed with film. She’s still being cyber-bullied. Then we catch up with a group of mean kids who talk about the video. We also end up meeting Noah (Audrey’s friend), a kid who’s obsessed with serial killers, and Brooke, who’s hooking up with her teacher.

The kids go to class and meet the new student at school, Kiernan. They start talking about slasher movies and whether you can do one as a TV series. The girl arrives, the killer takes them out, they die, but one girl survives 90 minutes later. “TV needs to stretch things out. By the time the first body is found, it’s only a matter of time before the first bloodbath commences,” one student says.

Just then, Nina’s mom comes home to find Nina dead in the pool. And we’re off!

The kids start to question who did it. Emma finds out that Will lied to her about where he was the night before. Then she goes to see Audrey and invites her to the party they’re throwing. Will, meanwhile, is freaking out because he and Jake had files on Nina that they need to delete.

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The Backstory

Of course, the crimes are possibly connected to some old murders in the town. The kids find out about the murder and have to get grief counseling. And they mention that Brandon James is back. “Who’s Brandon James?” Kiernan asks for us all. He killed a bunch of people 20 years ago and had some deformities.

The only person that cared about him was his brother and he always wore a mask. He fell in love and quickly became obsessed. He went to the Halloween dance, but he removed the mask, and a bunch of drunk guys attacked him. So he went on a killing spree. The girl he was in love with agreed to meet him and he was shot dead. It turns out the girl was Daisy and has something to do with Emma’s mom.

Emma’s mom starts to get packages for Daisy. The note states that Emma looks just like her. And the package is a bloody heart. She brings the sheriff in and admits that she’s Daisy. We all saw that coming. And Emma just happens to be the same age as she was the night of the murders. “I feel like it’s happening again,” she says.

The Party

Of course, you have to have a party in a teen slasher show. Audrey and Noah show up to the party and everyone immediately stares at her. It’s super awkward. Emma admits that she invited her. She goes to talk to Audrey about the girl she kissed. They met on a film site. It turns out that Audrey and Emma used to be friends until Emma got popular, but they miss each other.

They all sit around and talk about the murder. They point out that this is the perfect setting for a slasher show. Will talks about how it might be good that Nina’s gone, and Emma finds out that Will cheated with Nina.

Just as Noah says the killer would wait for one of them to wander off alone, Brooke goes into the garage. The suspense ramps up, but it’s a total fake-out! I was freaking out. Will comes in and threatens to “break” her if she comes between him and Emma.

Emma storms away and bonds with Kiernan. His mom and step-dad died and he’s living with his dad now. It turns out his dad’s the sheriff. So they’re going to have some awkward double dates.

Meanwhile, Noah passes out and the other kids leave him in his boxers on the dock in the middle of the lake. And he’s suddenly pulled under. It’s absolutely terrifying. He makes it and leaves with Audrey.

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Audrey and Rachel

Audrey goes home to hang out with the girl she kissed in the video, Rachel. Rachel has some bad self-esteem issues, but Audrey makes her feel better. The problem? Ghostface is watching them make out.

The Phone Call

Emma goes to talk to Audrey. She admits that she was there when Audrey was filmed. She’s just trying to be friends because she feels guilty.

Then Emma gets the infamous phone call. Ghostface calls her and tells her that he’s going to lift the mask.

Who Did It?

The police want to questions Noah since he’s obsessed with Brandon James. But he explains to Riley that we have to care about our characters and root for them so that when they’re “brutally murdered, it hurts.”

Noah goes on to say that everyone has secrets and tells lies, and “everyone is fair game until there’s no one left.” Then he wipes some blood off his face.

Based on the Scream premiere, who are our suspects? Well, we know it’s not Tyler even if the police don’t. Will and Jake have been acting really suspicious. And then there’s Noah, who just happens to be obsessed with serial killers. But these all seem too obvious at this point. Audrey and Kiernan could be in the running, though. Maybe they’ll go in a completely new direction and make it Emma and an accomplice despite her being the Sidney of the show.

Scream airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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