On this episode of Star, “Infamous,” Jahil is forced by Hunter’s mom to make Alex the leader of the band. Star, who has considered herself the lead of the group in the past, is not happy about the change and will do anything to get her spot back.

One Day You’re In…

At rehearsal for an event at the Children’s Hospital, Star is looking at paparazzi pictures of herself leaving Hunter’s house. Alex is mad that the article calls Star the leader of their band and that she is more concerned with fame than performing. Alex should have known what she was getting into when she found out her name was Star. 

At the end of the last episode, Jahil was taken to a random warehouse. He is still dealing with the aftermath of his deal with Maggie and the human-trafficking incident, but Hunter’s mom, Pauline, pays his debt for him and picks him up.

…And the Next Day You’re Out

After finding out that Star is sleeping with Hunter, Pauline wants her out of the band, so when Jahil shows up to practice, he puts Alex in the front. When Star protests the change, Jahil says her image in the press is not good for the band. After flashing back to her mother making her promise that she would be better than her, she goes to her new spot in the band behind Alex. Hunter picks Star up after rehearsal and explains that he isn’t mad that she spent a lot of money on her credit card, he was just surprised. Star apologizes and said her “street bitch” came out. Their relationship continues to be super romantic.

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Sunday Supper

Carlotta’s pastor suggests that Simone go to a recovery group after her overdose. Simone also invites Pastor Harris to Sunday dinner, but Carlotta is not sure if she wants him to stay. Carlotta’s daughter, Cotton, thinks that Carlotta is embarrassed of her and doesn’t want Pastor Harris to meet her because she is transgender. Carlotta denies this, but Cotton doesn’t believe her. Later on at dinner with Pastor Harris, there is tension between Carlotta and Cotton. Cotton makes a lot of comments alluding to being transgender, and eventually leaves the table because she does not think her mother is being honest. After dinner, Carlotta tells Pastor Harris the truth about Cotton, and Cotton goes to a bar and spends the night with a man.

Leader of the Pack

Star confronts Jahil about moving her to the back of the group and accuses him of being jealous. He tells her to stay away from Hunter, and she tells him she will if he stops doing coke. (I wonder if Beyoncé ever had to threaten someone to be the lead of Destiny’s Child.) When Alex is getting ready to go to Derek’s family BBQ, Star tries to mess with her head and says she will get her spot back after Alex’s messes up. Star shows up at the BBQ, and Derek’s drunk grandma freaks out because she does not want a white girl at her house. After she goes upstairs, Alex performs with Derek’s family and Star is jealous of the attention she is getting.

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There’s More to Life Than Music

Star gets ready for the charity event at Hunter’s house, and he gives her a $3,000 dress to wear. Jahil sees them together at the party, and tells Hunter to stay away from Star. Hunter thinks it is because Jahil wants to be with Star. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams introduces “Big Trouble” at the event. (Am I the only one who missed Star, Simone and Alex naming their band?) It was also about time for a RHOA cameo. During the performance, Star takes the lead even though Alex is supposed to be in the front. 

Alex freaks out at Jahil because he cannot control Star. Hunter’s mother is also furious that Star was not in the back during the performance. At home, Jahil hears the refugee he took in singing in the shower and speaking English. When Star comes home after the event, Simone tells her that she needs to stop being mean to Alex and reevaluate her priorities.

Everyone stops fighting about the band when they see the news and find out that, Danielle, one of the women who works in Carlotta’s salon, was shot and killed by police. They thought she was reaching for a gun in her car, but she wasn’t.

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