In the season 1 finale of No Tomorrow, titled “No Sleep ’till Reykjavik,” Xavier works to prevent the apocalypse, while Evie remains unaware of the truth behind Xavier’s asteroid theory. And Evie’s trip to Iceland results in a big change in her life, but it means saying goodbye to Xavier. Meanwhile, Hank and Kareema adjust to Deirdre’s strict new rules in the workplace, and someone gets unexpected news.

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Can Xavier Save the World?

Timothy tells Professor Fields that Xavier was the one behind the asteroid theory, and she is shocked. Alas, Timothy doesn’t know where Xavier is at the moment. Professor Fields warns Timothy that if he tells anyone about the truth of Xavier’s theory, he will be imprisoned for treason.

So where is Xavier? He is just waking up after Jesse drugged him. Jesse was taking Xavier to Houston for his meeting with the head of NASA, but Xavier tells Jesse that his theory was wrong. Since Xavier thinks that Professor Fields’ findings proved his asteroid theory was incorrect, he wants to head to Iceland to meet up with Evie. Alas, Jesse lost Xavier’s keys and passport during their long road trip. Though they eventually track down Xavier’s things, they get arrested before Xavier can contact Evie.

Xavier does call Evie from jail, but the call cuts off without the message going through. Xavier and Jesse are eventually bailed out of jail by none other than Professor Fields. She tells Xavier that his asteroid theory has been confirmed and she needs his help. Xavier then joins Professor Fields and a group of scientists, who are all eager to hear more about his theory. (How adorable is Xavier’s reaction when he realizes they actually want to see his slideshow?)

Xavier and the scientists discuss ways to stop the asteroid, but they do not come up with anything concrete. Later, Fields tells Xavier that she’s gathering together the “Asteroid Defense Team” in Washington, DC, and she wants him to work with the team. The only problem is that he cannot tell anyone what he’s working on until she is ready to make a public announcement about the asteroid.

Evie Goes on a Life-Changing Trip

On the plane to Iceland, Evie meets a fellow traveler who is also heading to see the Northern Lights. This traveler, Graham, works for Doctors Without Borders and just happens to share Evie’s obsession with organization and planning. He and Evie bond over their love of guide books, but when he asks her if she’d like to spend some time together since they’re both traveling alone, Evie turns him down. Since Xavier stood her up, or so she believes, she has decided to make this a solo journey.

Alas, fate seems to have other plans. First, she and Graham end up swapping suitcases. Evie then discovers that his room is directly across from hers. Later that day, a waitress tries to seat Graham at Evie’s table, but Evie continues to maintain her stance of keeping this a solo trip.

When Evie finally gets to see the Northern Lights, the awed look on her face is priceless. After that amazing experience, she ends up running into Graham yet again because they’re using the same guide book. The two have a moment, but Evie stops him from kissing her. Graham wonders if the universe is trying to tell them something, but Evie says she doesn’t believe in that anymore. When Graham suggests that she might be wrong, she tells him that if they are fated to be together, they will see each other again. With that, Evie returns home.

Once back in the States, Evie goes to a job interview, but the job isn’t the right fit for her. She wants to find a job that involves all of her passions, including international travel. The woman running the job interview tells her that she knows of a job that might be right for Evie, but it would mean upending her life.

Later that day, Evie goes to see Xavier, and he ends up inviting her to come to DC with him. He tells her that he took a new job with the government, but he cannot tell her what it’s about. Evie tells him that she got her own dream job, but it’s in the Philippines. Though they love each other, Evie knows that they would both regret turning down their dream jobs just to stay together. She thinks they should cross off one last thing from their lists before going their separate ways.

After spending a fun day together, Evie tells Xavier that she’s going to miss him and that he helped her change her life. Xavier points out all the ways Evie has changed his life, and he thanks her for it. Xavier then gives her his “Apocalyst” and tells her that if things go well in DC, he will be back for that list in four months. They share one last amazing kiss before parting ways.

Timothy Also Takes a Trip

Timothy is stressing out about having to keep such a huge secret from everyone he knows. Timothy’s new boss/girlfriend stops by to see him, and she notices how tense he is. She suggests he try a special tea to free his mind. (Yes, our sweet Timothy does drugs.)

Thanks to the tea, Timothy ends up passing out. When he comes to, he decides that there are so many things he hasn’t tried yet that he wants to try while he still has time. This leads to him sleeping with his new boss/girlfriend and telling Hank that they should start a band. (Learning that the world might be ending has Timothy making all sorts of changes in how he lives his life, a reaction I imagine most people would have in that situation.)

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Deirdre Has Some Shocking Information for Hank

Hank, Kareema and Deirdre are settling into work at the Tacoma branch of Cybermart, but Deirdre makes changes that upset the balance in the warehouse. She decides to launch a new Healthy Initiatives program that results in eliminating all sugary sodas and snacks from the warehouse. This leads to all of the employees suffering from a major sugar crash, and they are all unhappy about it. That is, until Kareema steps in.

Kareema opens a sugar speakeasy that gives her co-workers the sugary goodness they are craving. Alas, Deirdre eventually discovers said speakeasy and shuts it down. Hank then asks Deirdre why she was so intent on a sugar ban. It turns out that Deirdre’s newfound concern for their health is due to her pregnancy. Deirdre tells Hank that he’s going to be a father, and Hank is absolutely thrilled. (The Hank-Deirdre romance was a highlight of the season, so I am happy that this storyline ends on such a good note.)

Is This the End?

As the episode comes to an end, we jump forward one week to see Hank and Timothy’s new band performing at the local bar. Everyone seems to like them. Timothy is riding the high from his performance, so he asks his boss/girlfriend to go base-jumping with him. (Did anyone imagine Timothy becoming so adventurous when the show first started? He had a great arc this season.)

Hank and Deirdre tell Evie and Kareema that they plan to name the baby Hank Jr. whether it’s a boy or a girl. The group has gathered together for one last outing before Evie heads off to her new job. Evie gets predictably sentimental, and it leads to Kareema crying for the second time that year. It also leads to a group hug. (I love Deirdre’s declaration that she likes hugs now.)

After leaving her friends, Evie boards a plane to the Philippines, and her seatmate just happens to be Graham. It turns out that Evie got a job with Doctors Without Borders. She is going to be their new logistics coordinator. They are going to be working together in the Philippines. Graham then tells Evie that he joined Doctors Without Borders four months ago after a conversation with a man who asked him what he would do if he knew his time was limited. Yes, it turns out that Evie only met this Graham guy because of Xavier.

Speaking of Xavier, we see him at a televised press conference with Professor Fields and a group of scientists as Fields makes a public announcement about the asteroid. Fields promises the public that they will work day and night to save humankind from the asteroid. Everyone but Evie is shocked to see Xavier at the press conference. Alas, poor Evie misses the announcement because she is already on the plane, so she doesn’t know that Xavier really was right all along. This is the cliffhanger that closes out season 1, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed that No Tomorrow gets a surprising season 2 renewal or we are given an alternate ending to wrap things up.

What did you think of the final episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Are you disappointed that the show ended on that cliffhanger? If the show gets another season, will it be focused on Xavier’s work to destroy the asteroid or will that storyline be wrapped up quickly so the show can move forward? Could the show continue without the threat of the apocalypse on the horizon? What did you think of Graham and his connection with Evie? Would you like to see him return if the show gets another season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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