On this episode of Star, “New Voices,” Simone finds an old tape of her mother performing. Seeing the video brings back bad memories for Carlotta, and makes Star angry because their mother left them. Despite resenting her mother, Star puts her diva behavior aside and agrees to perform Mary’s song at their live audition.

Cat Fight

Tensions are high at a photoshoot for the band when Star is put in the middle of the pictures and Alex is continually asked to put on more makeup. She thinks it is because she is black, and they want to make her look lighter. Carlotta points out that there’s no time for cat fights because a man was murdered. She also tells Star to be nice to Jahil because he got rid of Otis’ body for them.

When Simone is looking for hair conditioner at the salon, she finds old pictures of Carlotta and her mother, and a VHS of her mom performing. (I know Carlotta is old school, but I’m having a hard time believing anyone still has a TV with a VHS player.) After Simone asks Carlotta about the tape, we see a flashback of young Carlotta, Mary and Jahil. It turns out that Jahil and Carlotta were dating when he was managing their band, and he supported the idea for Mary to record solo.

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Fierce Competition

Jahil brings Alex and Star to see a competing girl group perform, and even though it’s a weird choice to sing the National Anthem at a night club, it’s clear that the competition for the showcase is going to be intense. Carlotta is called in by her pastor/love interest to be the choir director. She explains she is too busy (probably changing her wig every 10 minutes), and while it looks like she is going to tell him about the murder, she decides not to open up. When Simone shows Star the video of their mother and suggests they sing the song she was performing in the video, Carlotta walks in and gets angry. Star also does not what to hear about Mary or the song.

Suspicious Activity

Hunter and Star get dinner and he opens up about his father being in prison. (They are a cute duo, but her iPhone cord choker necklace was very distracting during their deep conversation.) He also gives her his credit card to buy an outfit for the audition, and I have a feeling he is going to regret it. Hopefully, she will at least buy a new choker with it. Star is late to rehearsal, and Simone asks Jahil questions about Mary and Carlotta. He tells her that Carlotta was jealous of her mom. Later when Alex asks Carlotta if that is true, she denies it and says Jahil was obsessed with Mary and they hooked up behind her back.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating what happened to Otis, and find his rental car, which has blood on the seat. (I’m not an expert, but I’ve seen enough episodes of Pretty Little Liars to know that you throw/push any evidence in a river.) They call his wife to ask her questions, and she seems timid. (Maybe we should add her to the suspect list.)

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Diva Is a Female Version of a Hustla

Despite Star being against it, Simone and Alex continue to practice Mary’s song. After Carlotta explains to her that she needs to learn how to work with the other girls and Alex remixes the song, Star agrees to it. I understand that there needs to be conflict within the group for the sake of the show, but I think Star is too harsh and demanding. If she’s a diva before they are famous, how is this group ever going to work?

At the live audition, Star, Simone and Alex perform Mary’s song to rave reviews. Even Carlotta enjoys it, but it does not stop her from confronting Jahil about their past. She tells him that she is the one who wrote the song all those years ago. While the girls are celebrating news that they made it into the top 20 of the competition, Simone gets a call from her foster mother asking about Otis. Star celebrates the news with Hunter, but it is cut short when his mother walks in and reveals Star spent $20,000 on his credit card. The best part of the episode might have been when she called Star “a dirty thong.” When Star leaves Hunter’s house, the paparazzi are there, and she poses for the cameras.

After the audition, Jahil goes outside and is shoved into an unknown van and brought to an empty warehouse.

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