You were not hallucinating if you thought you spied a member of the undead in the American Idol audience during last night’s results show. As the camera panned over the cheering crowd, I could have sworn I saw someone with blood dripping down their face.

At first I thought there had been an accident with the brand new stage ala season 8, or that Paige’s vocals the night before had actually managed to raise the dead … but it just turned out to be some of Siobhan Magnus’ guests.

In my overly active imagination, this was a performance art piece curated by Siobhan and Co. to comment on the sad state of season 9 of American Idol. This is how I see the planning meeting going.

“You guys should totally come dressed in costume as season 9 of American Idol!”

Siobhan’s Guest: “Perfect! I’ll just wear black, add some fake blood and voila! I’m a metaphor for the walking corpse that once was American Idol.”

But that’s just my take on the zombie audience situation, what’s yours? Leave your best photo caption in the comments about last night’s undead Idol audience members.

zombieaudience.jpg(Image courtesy of FOX)

Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV