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1. She has a ballet background.
Cheryl started dancing at age 4, when she enrolled in her first ballet class. She later switched to ballroom dancing at 11 and began professionally competing at age 13.

2. She’s a Latin World Champion.
In 2005, before she was cast on Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl won the World Cup Professional Rising Star Latin championships, and competed in the San Francisco Open ballroom competition, where she won the International Latin event over some familiar faces: future Dancing pros Jonathan Roberts, Anna Trebunskaya, Alec Mazo and Edyta Sliwinska.

3. She comes from a ballroom ‘bubble.’
Having ”lived in a bubble as a kid,” Cheryl Burke is notorious for knowing nothing about her partners before Dancing with the Stars. She openly admits that she had to Google past partners Wayne Newton, Emmitt Smith and Tom Delay, as well as her newest star, Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco.

4. It’s her dream to own dance studios across the country.
She owns three Southern California dance studios where students of all levels can learn ballroom and latin techniques, and hopes to open more in the future. She opened her first studio in 2008 after buying the Metronome Dance Center in San Francisco, where she took classes as a young girl.

5. Cheryl loves…
Cheryl’s favorite things include her two dogs, Pookie and Max; the color red; Italian food; and giving back to the community through her favorite charity Shape-Up San Francisco, to which she donated the proceeds of her first dance studio’s grand opening performance.

See where Cheryl and Chad Ochocinco landed
after Week 1 of Dancing with the Stars Season 10:

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