Here’s a clip off next week’s Lost episode, “The Package”. Yep, it’s the one about Jin and Sun’s efforts to find each other on the Island, something they don’t have to do on the alternate timeline because nobody’s lost there.

This clip brings us to alternate LAX, with Jin and Sun reunited after that little customs fiasco we saw in the season premiere. Now, for those of you who believe they aren’t married on the flash sideways, the dialogue here could serve as more proof:

And that look on Sun’s eyes. She’s going to do something about Jin’s complaint, right?

The second clip sees us back in Locke’s side of the camp. Although the episode promises to show us Locke meeting up with his enemy–Jacob, the mysterious kid, who?–he’s not the focus of this clip. Instead, we get to see Sayid. Or, to be exact, we get to be freaked out by Sayid:

Okay, Hurley, I believe you. He’s a zombie.

(Image courtesy of ABC)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV