Dear Siobhan,

I don’t know if you’re able to read this. I don’t know if you’re allowed to read reviews from all of us in the Idol-sphere. But I surely hope you get the message I’m trying to say.

That message? Please stop screeching.

Don’t get me wrong, Siobhan. Among the remaining contestants on American Idol this year, you are my absolute favorite. I know the folks here at BuddyTV have heard me explain why I think that way over and over again, and I know they’re probably tired of it, but I’ll repeat it for argument’s sake: Your voice is wonderful, you’ve got a strong sense of artistry and your personality, while completely odd, is half of what makes you adorable.

And we’ve seen that in past weeks, from your chills-inducing debut with Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, to that last note on Aretha Franklin’s “Think”, to last week’s absolutely memorable performance of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”. We’ve seen it in the video packages, and we’ve seen it in the way you refuse to wear contact lenses while performing, never mind the risk of you falling off the stage because you can’t see properly. We know what you’re capable of doing, and it’s no surprise you’re one of the front-runners at the moment.

I, like many others, was looking forward to your performance last night–something I couldn’t say for most of your contemporaries this year. And, in your performance of the Stevie Wonder classic “Superstition”, I saw the things that made me a big fan of yours over again. There was your vocal control. There was your magnetism. And there were your pipes.

But that scream? I did not like it.

No, don’t say I’m being fickle. True, I wasn’t dismayed when you did the same thing last week. True, that scream wasn’t that good, but considering the nature of the song–and how pitchy you already were last week–I thought it made complete sense.

Last night, however, was a completely different case. You screamed just because you could. You screamed just because you were able to do so in the past few weeks. You screamed–take note, I’m not calling it a “glory note” anymore–never mind the fact that it just doesn’t fit the song. And, thanks to that scream, I did something I didn’t expect to do in any of your performances: look away.

To boot, my stomach started grumbling, and stayed that way for a good hour.

Here’s a piece of advice: don’t scream in every single performance. We already got the message after last week: you can hit that high note. But Simon was correct about one thing: you’re splitting opinions. Last week, there were people (like me) who loved the performance, scream or otherwise. At the same time, there were people who thought the scream was just too much. This week, I think, more people went to that other side, and I’m one of those.

You see, people can’t help but compare you to Adam Lambert–you know, the guy last season who reached those screeching high notes any time he can, but with complete control and at the right time. You, dear, are just screaming for the heck of it. Kara comparing you last week to Adam isn’t doing you any favors–some of the Glamberts are hating on you because you’re supposedly ripping him off. Don’t give them, and everyone else, a bigger reason to tear you apart. That scream will be your downfall.

I’m not saying you should stop doing that note. It’s one of your weapons. Use it sparingly. Be the unpredictable contestant you were in previous weeks. Give us a reason to look forward to your performance, rather than skip it because we know what you’ll be doing.

I knew something was wrong when a friend emailed me early this morning. She predicted, correctly, that you’ll have that stomach-churning final note. I suggest you do something like “Wicked Game” next week. Give me chills. Remind me that you’re not just a screamer, that you’re more than that. Because I don’t want to leave your bandwagon–the others are just not worth it.

Fingers crossed you’ll do better,

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV