Easter eggs for this episode of Lost.

#11 Luke 4:37

While in prison, Richard’s Bible was open to a page with this chapter and verse. The page contains a story of Jesus encountering a man possessed by a demon and ordering the demon leave the man’s body without harming him.

#10 Magnus Hanso

After buying Richard, Jonas Whitfield says that he’s now owned by Magnus Hanso. In various online aspects of Lost, it was revealed that Magnus was the captain of the Black Rock and also the great-grandfather of Alvar Hanso, founder of the Hanso Foundation which financially supported the creation of the DHARMA Initiative on the Island.

#9 The Black Rock’s Final Voyage

In “The Constant,” the auctioneer selling a journal from a first mate on the Black Rock claimed the final voyage set sail in 1845 and was lost at sea. But in this episode, Richard is imprisoned in 1867. This change in continuity is likely due to the fact that the ship held dynamite, not created and produced until 1867.

#8 The Man in Black’s Touch

The Man in Black touches Richard in the Black Rock, and it appears to bring him back, just as Jacob’s touch did with John Locke after he was pushed out of the window.

#7 “It’s Good to See You Out of Those Chains”

After freeing Richard, the Man in Black says this, just as Flocke said to Richard when he met him in “The Substitute.”

#6 How to Kill the Devil

The Man in Black instructs Richard to plunge the knife into Jacob’s chest before he says a word, otherwise it will be too late. This is the same advice Dogan gave Sayid when instructing him how to kill Flocke.

#5 The Knife

The knife the Man in Black gives Richard to kill Jacob is the same one Dogan gave Sayid.

#4 The Devil

The Man in Black accuses Jacob of being the Devil. It’s worth noting that on the CW series Supernatural, Mark Pellegrino (who plays Jacob) actually does play the Devil. Coincidentally, on Supernatural, Titus Welliver (the Man in Black) plays War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

#3 Drowning Richard

Jacob repeatedly drowns Richard in the ocean in the same manner that Dogan drowned Sayid. In both cases, the act was to bring the person back to life.

#2 The White Stone

When Richard tells the Man in Black that he’s changed sides, he hands him a white stone from Jacob. This is likely the same white stone on the scales in the cave that Flocke through into the ocean as his “inside joke.”

#1 “Sooner Than You Think”

After Jacob gives the Man in Black the bottle of wine and leaves, the Man in Black says he’ll see Jacob “sooner than you think.” This is the same thing Flocke says to Richard after he leaves him in “The Substitute.”

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