Well, maybe this is a leak. We won’t know for sure until it’s confirmed by the actual announcement of the results. The Drudge Report has leaked the name of the alleged American Idol Season 10 winner hours before the finale airs. So stop reading now if you want to be completely and totally surprised.

Who has the site named as the winner, beating out their competitor two to one after over 120 million votes?

It’s Scotty McCreery! Well, it might be. OK, it probably is. Dial Idol has also predicted that Scotty will beat out Lauren 2 to 1. Pretty much everyone thought Scotty would win, but I thought Lauren had a chance.

Are the results why we even watch the finale anymore, though? It’s two hours long and there will be Lady Gaga and Steven Tyler and Beyonce! Yes, Beyonce. But remember that one time when Ryan Seacrest accidentally tweeted a result before it had aired on the West Coast and the show had its lowest ratings ever? I wonder what will happen tonight …

(Image courtesy of FOX)


Carla Patton

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