We’ve been on a long journey with American Idol this season. Sometimes I forget about how much fun it’s been, and sometimes I forget about Ashley Sullivan, which I promised myself I would never do! Let’s take a look back at some of the fun/weird moments that made this season great.

15 Favorite Moments from 'American Idol' Season 10

#15 Ryan Seacrest Debuts the Side-Part


Ryan Seacrest has come a long way with Idol (seriously, just watch some old videos), and the premiere of the side-part marked the dawn of a new era. Things will be different this time, the new hair tells us, this is a new and improved, more mature Ryan. Fans have even made signs in support of the new ‘do.

#14 Haley’s Xanadu Moment


The special effects people have really stepped up their game this season, setting a piano on fire for one of James’s performances, and giving Haley smoke, hot pink backlighting, and wind! I was so captivated by the drama of it all, and its marked resemblance to my favorite part of Xanadu that Haley’s performance of “Rhiannon” was one of my favorites of all time.

#13 A Giant Armadillo and Transformer Audition for American Idol

We’ve seen some weird costumes before, but these were on a whole new level of astonishing. Seriously, that Transformers car was so cool — he transformed in front of the judges! When the armadillo walked in I wanted to cheer out loud. Also, the Transformers audition caused Randy Jackson to talk about “going to the market.”

#12 Brett Loewenstern Hugs Ryan Seacrest


Look out world, Brett’s a hugger! I’ll remember him so fondly, especially the moment when he hugged a startled Ryan Seacrest and taught him how to feel again.

#11 Scotty’s Dad Sings, “Baby Lock Them Doors and Turn Them Lights Down Low”


After much cajoling from the Seacrest, Scotty McCreery’s dad sang a phrase from Scotty’s trademark song, “Your Man” by Josh Turner. It was totally worth it, and the sweetest moment, especially since it occurred right after him saying how proud of Scotty they were. It was a million times better than when Gordon Ramsey critiqued Stefano’s mom’s casserole.

#10 Scotty Drives the Ford Focus Out of Danger

Scotty McCreery was definitely the break-out star of the Ford Music Videos, whether he meant to be or not. The early Ford Music Videos are really the best because they do things like superhero and zombie themes. Zombie Scotty McCreery was really something else.

#9 Jacee Badeaux Triumphs Over the Group Round

Awww, Jacee was so sweet! And Clint Jun Gamboa and Jordan Dorsey were so evil in that group round! Jacee making it through made everyone there cry, particularly Scotty and Brett. And me.

#8 The Contestants Imitate Each Other


Generally I don’t like the clip packages where they try to make it seem like everyone gets along and they’re all having fun, but this group of “the kids having fun” clip packages was really great. It seemed like they genuinely enjoyed each other, and there were a lot of laughs to be had. Imitating Scotty and Casey proved to be particularly amusing.

#7 Casey Abrams’s Final Performance (and Moment with Haley)

Are they or aren’t they?? Either way, this was the best Idol exit I’ve ever seen. Casey was such a fun contestant and definitely the guy I’d most want to hang out with. Ahh, it’s just the best.

#6 Jacob Lusk is Put in the Top 24

This was just a moment of true joy. Watching it again reminds me of how much I like Jacob and how much enthusiasm he brought to the table. I like watching people having a good time.

#5 Ashley Sullivan

Ashley Sullivan was my favorite character on American Idol. She was just a rollercoaster of a human being. She was up, she was down, she was begging, she was getting married, she was holding a picture of Britney Spears, she was leaving the competition — all in a matter of weeks. This girl is a television gem!

#4 Nick Fink Sings at Randy Jackson After Being Eliminated

There’s so much to love about this moment. I love in the early rounds when contestants keep singing at the judges to try to change their mind, and Nick Fink did it with the absolute worst attitude. How did he get that microphone? When was the moment when he decided to sing some more? He was so irritating, calling his girlfriend Jacqueline “my baby,” and calling Ryan Seacrest unfeeling. It was nice to see him go out with a really douchey bang.

#3 Randy Accidentally Punches Molly DeWolf Swenson in the Face

Classic Randy move — just slap someone in the face and not even realize you did it. And then to make that face afterward? That’s just unfortunate. But awesome.

#2 Casey Abrams Gets the Save

We might have all seen it coming, except Casey. It was such an emotional moment and watching him react was a really delightful moment in the season. I love Casey!

#1 Scotty McCreery and Ta-Tynisa Wilson Botch the Lyrics to “I Hope You Dance”

This was a great moment, both in the show and for the editing team who added the funny subtitles. I’ve talked about this moment several times before over the stretch of this season because I’m almost obsessed with it. It’s just so funny and weird. Never take advantage of this broken, guys! Also, nang da wonger un your jeans!

What are YOUR favorite moments?

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