This week on Sons of Anarchy is all about families. Gemma is worried about John’s old letters in Jax’s possession, Jax plays stay-at-home dad as good as he can and Opie copes, once again, with his wife’s x-rated job. Too soft for you? Not enough explosions and testosterone? Well, there was still plenty of that to go around. And everyone was pretty much pissed at everyone else.

Hal is Pissed at Law Enforcement

“Good morning!” offers Hal. “Not if you’re Russian!” retorts federal prosecutor Lincoln Potter. Indeed, four dead Russians have turned up in Charming. Could the Sons be that bold and/or stupid to kill them on their first day out of jail? That’s the big question we know the answer to but that the Sheriff and Mayor are still pondering. And Hal wreaks havoc cause he fears losing his investors if the Sons of Anarchy bring anarchy back with them. So the Mayor gives his chief law man a little pep talk.

Jax is Pissed at Clay

Clay decides to run coke for the cartel on top of selling them weapons. It should come as no surprise that Jax, who is in perpetual identity crisis since spending time in jail, is less than enthused by this prospect. But Clay has a compelling argument: doing this will endow them with more than enough money to provide for their families even after they retire. That’s when Jax drops the bomb: “I’m out when you’re out.” Is young Hamlet already planning his coup?

The Club is Pissed at Clay

Jax is not the only one to doubt Clay in this matter. Opie can’t stand the idea of going to prison again because his pornstar wife wouldn’t be able to care for three kids. “She’s no Donna,” he says.True that.The other sons, though, are hesitant as well. Clay is perceived to have shut out everyone except Jax. “That’s dangerous,” says Bobby. If only he knew…

Gemma is (Still) Pissed at John

Meanwhile, Gemma looks for and finds John’s letters Jax brought back from Belfast that could potentially link her and Clay to John’s death, if the vague allusions to it and hushed conversations between the club’s parent figures can be trusted. So not only is Jax disillusioned with the club and wants out, but his parents, the people he ostensibly trusts the most, have not been honest with him. Doesn’t bode well if you ask me.

The Russians are (Still) Pissed at the Club

Also, Jax is being held hostage by pissed-off Russians (a surprise, isn’t it?) and Sheriff Roosevelt trashes the club house. It would seem like Clay’s ingenious plan from last week had unforeseen ramifications. Another bad choice in governance or simply bad luck? In any case, no way the Sons can make it in time for the deadline set by the Russians. So they send their new friends from the cartel. Which, as one expects, doesn’t end well for the Russians.

What did you think? Will the blend of a new pain-in-the-ass sheriff, pissed-off russians and an overbearing cartel make for a compelling and complicated season for the Sons? Or are you more engaged by their personal struggles?

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