If you’ve been waiting anxiously for new Bones spoilers and news items, then this is your day. We’ve got several things to share with you — including a Bones season 7 promo video and spoilers concerning the characters pasts and futures.

WARNING: Spoilers and cute humor ahead.

Video: Experiencing Emotional Inconsistencies

Sure the promo spends a little too much time reminding us of what happened last season (as if anyone was likely to forget!). But then the video gives us a short scene from season 7, which makes everything OK. Even in a roughly 10-second scene, there are some lovely little highlights:

  • “Emotional inconsistencies” as a euphemism for crazy pregnancy emotions sounds just about perfect.
  • It’s good to be reassured that the two characters are still referring to each other as “Booth” and “Bones” and are not using their terrible first names.
  • Who wouldn’t want a photo of Brennan crying at a murder scene?
  • The presence of Hodgins in this scene is just amusing somehow.

If you want to know what was happening immediately before the new promo scene, click here to view an extended scene.

Little Booth?
The upcoming Brennan/Booth baby isn’t the only youngster who will be seen in this season of Bones. According to a TVLine report, we will also be getting a glimpse of Seeley Booth himself as a child. An early episode this season will feature a flashback to when Booth was 8 years old and attending a World Series baseball game with his father.

Of course, this also means that we’ll get our first look at Booth’s father, thus far an elusive, never-seen character.

Is It Time for the Nesting Behavior?
EW.com is reporting a somewhat vague spoiler that indicates some interesting changes coming to Brennan’s life. The report indicates that Brennan might be in the market for a new house. Also that she might be doing her house-hunting with Booth.

Will the pair actually move in together? Considering our lack of knowledge about Booth and Brennan’s exact relationship in season 7, anything is possible. Whatever the case, the real-estate subplot will show up in episode 6, “The Crack in the Code.”

More Bones Titles
Since we’re still kind of far from the actual premiere of Bones this fall, it’s not a shock that episode titles continue to leak out slowly. We’ve only seen four of the season 7 titles, listed below:

7.01: “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”
7.03: “The Prince in the Plastic”
7.04: “The Male in the Mail”
7.06: “The Crack in the Code”

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Bones returns for season 7 on Thursday, November 3.

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