If you’ve been following coverage of Fringe on the Internet, you will know that the show loves its videos. And they should: the promo, teaser and publicity videos for Fringe are some of the best we’ve ever seen for television. Now, the folks at Fringe are at it again, releasing a series of videos entitled “FRINGE: Past + Present + Future.” Keep reading to check out the first two videos in the series.

The videos are narrated by John Noble (Fringe‘s Walter Bishop) and take a very serious overall tone. Along with the narration, both videos give Fringe overviews with the use of short clips from the past three seasons of the show.

The first of the two videos, posted by FOX on YouTube on September 8, gives a general overview of the series, with highlighted segments on each of the major cast members. Watch the video below:

  • It’s easy to forget Fringe‘s impressive body count. This video will help you remember.
  • It’s also easy to forget how incredibly disgusting this show can be at times. That guy with skin growing over his orifices is still totally disturbing.
  • The video points out Walter’s sweet tooth. As it should.
  • I’d forgotten that Broyles was associated with Homeland Security.

The second video, also posted on September 8, looks back into the origins of the events depicted on Fringe. Thus, we see glimpses of Olivia’s childhood, the cortexiphan trials, the partnership of Bishop and Bell, and especially Walter’s kidnapping of Peter. Check it out now:

  • I always wonder if those millisecond-long clips have huge spoilers in them. If you catch anything, let me know in the comments!
  • The “Lennon and McCartney of science.” Nice.
  • I never get tired of the parallel-universe zeppelins.
  • Dr. Warren kind of seems like an ’80s-version, blonde Astrid. I’d forgotten about her.

Considering the title of this web series, “Past + Present + Future,” we can expect at least two more videos to come. The overview and the “Past” videos both rely on previously-seen footage. But will “Present” and “Future” have anything new? Fringe certainly has had enough bizarre scenes to cover each time. But we can still hope for new scenes previewing season 4.

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Season 4 of Fringe will premiere on Friday, September 23 at 9pm.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)

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