Parenthood is premiering this Tuesday and as usual, there are about a million different things going on with the Braverman family.  Christina’s pregnant, Crosby and Jasmine are attempting to work things out, and Jason Ritter is coming back on the show and will be paired up with Lauren Graham’s Sarah.
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But what’s going on with all the kids?  I spoke to Mae Whitman, Sarah Ramos, Miles Heizer, and Max Burkholder who play Amber, Haddie, Drew, and Max respectively and found out a few tidbits about what’s coming this season and what the cast really thinks of each other.

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Mae Whitman on…

Her new blonde hair: Amber had a rough season before, so it’s all about starting fresh and embarking on being an adult, which involves getting a job and a place of her own.  Plus, Whitman is actually a natural blonde in real life, so she’s really heading back to her roots.

Her TV brother, Drew: He’s getting a bigger role this year since he’s a little older and almost filling Amber’s role in that he’s getting to that age of a fun to watch teenager.  Whitman also called him a genius, the funniest, smartest guy she knows.

Working with Max Burkholder: While they both starred in In Treatment as brother and sister, they never actually had a scene together, but Whitman was thrilled to see him when he was auditioning for Parenthood.  She speaks highly of his acting abilities and told me he won’t stop talking about the fact that he’s now taller than her. 

What she’s looking forward to this season:  Whitman is excited to see Amber explore the real world and see what’s out there.

Sarah Ramos on…

Michael B. Jordan (Alex) : Apparently she used to have a crush on him when she watched him as Vince on Friday Night Lights, but now they’re friends and he’s great to work with.

Picking out last year’s prom dress:  Not only did Ramos weigh in, but so did her director for the episode and NBC had to give their final approval as well! 

What’s coming up for her character this season:  Expect some intense, heart wrenching stuff from the get-go between her and Alex (Michael B. Jordan).  Sounds like it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

Miles Heizers on…

The best part of working on Parenthood:  Heizers knew this might sound cliche, but he said he loves everyone that he works with so much and that he really enjoys being able to work with his best friends.

What’s coming up for his character:  Drew’s getting a girlfriend this season!  And according to, Drew’s girlfriend will be played by Skyler Day, known for her work on TeenNick’s Gigantic

Max Burkholder on…

Acting:  Max the character on Parenthood has Asperger’s and I asked Max the actor how he nails the part so well and consistently.  He said, “I do a lot of my own research and meet with an Asperger’s doctor a lot.”  Mystery solved!

What’s coming up with his character: He’ll be continuing to face the challenges of mainstreaming in school this season.

What would ideally happen for your character:  He’d like to run away with Miles Heizer’s character, Drew Holt.

So there you have it!  I know I’m looking forward to another great year with the Braverman family.  Season 3 premieres Tuesday, September 13 at 10/9 Central on NBC. Can’t wait for tomorrow? Get a sneak peek of tomorrow’s premiere:

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