After being renewed for a second season, the freshman series from FX Son of Anarchy is set to air its first season finale tonight at 10pm.  The crime drama about an outlaw motorcycle gang in fictional town Charming, California was created by a former writer and producer of another FX drama The Shield Kurt Sutter.  According to a critic who had seen the finale, it was “powerfully satisfying, emotional and sets up the next season perfectly.”

On this episode called “Revelator,” club members need to reevaluate their bonds of brotherhood in the wake of a great tragedy, so it means SAMCRO fans will get to feast their eyes on another 13 episodes and Charlie Hunnam, Katey Segal, and Ron Perlman.  When the show premiered more than a couple of months ago in September 3, it debuted to some 2.5 million viewers.  Going forward, the show turned out averaging 5.4 million viewers.

“It’s incredibly gratifying to everyone at FX in at this time when The Shield – the show that got our critically acclaimed original programming brand started – is airing its final season, their loyal audience has embraced Sons of Anarchy and made it a success,” cable channel FX John Landgraf said.  “We’re also very proud of the day-in-day-out creative excellence the Sons of Anarchy writers and actors are bringing to the table.”

According to another critic, “If you loved The Sopranos, The Shield, Deadwood and gritty dramas that were layered with complex sub-stories, and you missed this particular series, do everything in your power to catch it.”  Sons of Anarchy fans are thankful since the show wasn’t canceled after just one season, something networks are prone to doing when it comes to non-ratings juggernaut.  Indeed, its numbers are already worthy as far as cable shows are concerned.

According to the Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, who wasn’t really keen on pursuing television roles more than film roles, it was primarily Sutter’s writing that got him to do the role.  “So, a long story short, I wasn’t particularly looking to do a TV show, and my agent said, ‘Well, just take a look at it anyway. I think you’d be surprised.’  And I just thought Kurt’s writing was as good as anything that I was reading in the feature world.  Very rapidly, I got slightly obsessed with this subculture of motorcycle clubs that we were going to delve into. I thought it was so fresh and had been so seldom explored, it got me really excited.”

Catch the finale of Sons of Anarchy tonight on FX at 10pm.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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