The Observer is a mysterious figure seen at the scene of many Pattern-related events on Fringe.  He doesn’t appear to visibly age, and has a number of odd habits. Last month, BuddyTV’s Don William’s gave his theories on who The Observer is, a mystery that has left fans curious to find out more.

In an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Jeff Pinkner weighs in on the nature of one of Fringe‘s most baffling character.

“He’s not an alien,” Pinker revealed, disproving assumptions that The Observer is an extraterrestrial.  “I think X-Files covered aliens really well.  When we set out to do Fringe, we said, ‘No aliens.’  Everything will be grounded in observable or at least theoretical science.  Though there are many paranormal theorists out there that believe that aliens exist, without proof we didn’t want to touch it.”

Following his introduction on Fringe, The Observer has frequently appeared, although very briefly, in various episodes, leaving viewers to ponder if The Observer is following Olivia and her team.  But Pinkner reveals otherwise.

“The Observer’s presence at these sites and/or crime scenes and/or curiosities predates Olivia’s participation in the world of Fringe.  It also begs the question: Is there only one Observer?  He seems to be in multiple places at the same time. It makes you wonder how he gets around and why nobody appears to have seen him,” Pinkner said.

As for The Observer’s special language, Pinkner hints that “he’s either using code or he’s using a language that he and his colleagues use, one that we’re just not familiar with.  There are a lot of dead languages out there.”

To find out more about The Observer, catch Fringe every Tuesday at 9pm on FOX.

On tonight’s episode called “The Dreamscape,” the team is called to investigate the case of a Massive Dynamic employee who jumped out of a window to allegedly escape butterflies that were attacking him.  Meanwhile, the gig is up for Peter when a former friend and some current enemies find out he’s back in town.

Fringe stars Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham, Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop, and John Noble as Walter Bishop, just to name a few.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TV Guide, FOX
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