Last night’s performance lovefest can’t keep us from the sadness that must come tonight as the So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 dwindle to a Top 14. Hopefully, we can at least get a final kiss before the unlucky two are sent home.

But who exactly must say goodbye?

Another week of incredible performances and great dancing strength make that question kind of tough to answer. There is, however, an answer out there, coming together from the votes of America and the opinions of the judges.

Who do we think the losers are this week? According to our BuddyTV Readers’ Poll, the most likely pair to fall into the Bottom 3 this week are Ashley and Chris, who received 42 percent of the votes for elimination. Not too far behind in the poll are Miranda and Robert, with 36 percent. Receiving votes but trailing are Clarice and Jess and Ryan and Ricky, with each pair getting 11 percent.

Apparently, no one else is expected to leave. Not here at BuddyTV anyway.

Still, we’re very, very capable of being wrong around here. Only So You Think You Can Dance will give the true answer. So let’s get to it!

How is Cat’s hair long again? TV truly is a miracle!

Big group dance opener right now. And let me just brag about having identified the music as the theme from The Incredibles before the caption came up. I am that big a nerd. Despite no interesting costumes at all, this is a pretty good dance. It seems almost chaotic with everything that’s happening.

I also keep thinking of the opening to West Side Story. There’s gonna be a rumble! Or not.

They’ve got a clip from Kristin Chenoweth’s country-music video. It looks… interesting. Did they autotune her? Why would they do that?!

Also, the AXIS dance company is going to perform.

But now it’s time for RESULTS!

First up are Ryan and Ricky, Ashley and Chris, Melanie and Marko.

Melanie and Marko are SAFE!

Ashley and Chris are in the bottom three.

Ryan and Ricky are SAFE!

In case anyone is wondering, National Dance Day is on July 30. Apparently we’re all supposed to dance then. I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. Typing is just so much easier.

If you are less-lazy than me, however, they’ll post the choreography on the show’s website next Wednesday.

More RESULTS now!

This time its Sasha and Alexander, Miranda and Robert, Jordan and Tadd:

Jordan and Tadd are SAFE!

Sasha and Alexander are SAFE!

Miranda and Robert are in the Bottom Three.   

It’s the time for the group up for RESULTS: Caitlynn and Mitchell, Clarice and Jess.

Clarice and Jess are SAFE!

Caitlynn and Mitchell are in the Bottom Three.

So there are a few surprises there. I’m going to pick Chris, Ashley or Miranda out of those ones.

Time for a performance from AXIS. Very cool use of a wheelchair in the choreography there. Also some very, very impressive muscles on the guy.

The solos have begun.

Ashley is first, giving what looks like a simple but pretty and emotional dance.

She’s followed by Chris. You know, I think this is the first time we’ve really seen him do his break-dancing.

The third soloist is Miranda. Her dance is incredibly energetic and full of angst. I wonder if the fact that she never seems to look out at the audience will hurt her?

Robert follows, dancing even before the music starts. Did I call other dances energetic? If so, I take it back. This is energetic.

It’s time for Caitlynn now. Her solo seems kind of similar to Ashley’s, just with a little more aggression.

The final soloist of the night is Mitchell. He starts off looking kind of like a bird and then does the spinny thing.

Kristin Chenoweth loves everyone. That’s a shock. Nigel is not impressed. Cat just sends them all away.

Meanwhile, the US/World Theatrical Ballroom Champions, Eric Luna and Georgia Amberian (I apologize if the spelling is wrong). Wow. He just lifted her up — effortlessly — with one arm. Excuse me while I pause for a moment to lament my sad, sad lack of coordination and talent. Seriously? Does that woman not need to follow the same laws of gravity as the rest of us? Only possible explanation at this point.

That was more or less incredible. And that’s every possible meaning of “incredible” there. Wow.

Girl Results!
The decision is not unanimous tonight. Ooh! Controversy! And that controversy ends with…

Miranda has been eliminated!

Guy Results!
For the guys, the results are, in fact, unanimous. Hence, they draw it out. And…

Robert has been eliminated!

They really like keeping those couples together, don’t they?

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So that’s that. Another sad farewell on So You Think You Can Dance. Did you think this was the right decision? Will you miss Robert and Miranda? Should someone else have gone instead? Leave your comment below to let us know what you think!

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