Apparently, Lady Gaga does.

Last night, the world’s most oddly-dressed singer showed her appreciation for the final SYTYCD performance by tossing her (giant, red) shoe at dancers Melanie and Sasha. Can we expect such craziness again tonight? It’s possible. But we know we will at least be watching the last of two dancers in the competition.

Also, Lady Gaga is set to perform (along with LXD), so there’s that craziness.

Back to the eliminated dancers, which of the season 8 contestants are most likely to go home before the Top 6 performances? According to our BuddyTV’s Readers’ Poll, Ricky is the most likely to go, with 55 percent of the votes. Trailing him are Jordan (26 percent think she’s done) and Caitlynn (11 percent of the votes). Only time (and Cat Deeley) will tell if these guesses are correct.

Of course, at this point, it’s anybody’s guess. The dancers are all so good that anyone could go home. Except Melanie. That doesn’t seem likely.

But let’s find out!

It kind of looks like the So You Think You Can Dance stage has been taken over by mimes. But no, it’s just the group dance for the Top 8. There are weird costumes and ropes and stuff though. I think it’s meant to be a bizarre circus theme of some sort. They have very good aim while swinging on those ropes.

Two weeks until the finals? Wow. Seems to have come so quickly. Oh well.

No Lady Gaga at the judges’ table tonight. Performing during the show is probably enough. Rob Marshall, however, is still there.

The first RESULTS of the night are up already: the Girls.

Sasha is SAFE!
Jordan is in the Bottom Two.
Caitlynn is in the Bottom Two.
Melanie is SAFE!

Big shocker there, huh?

Anyway, time for the Guys to get their RESULTS.

Jess is in the Bottom Two.
Marko is SAFE!

Ricky is SAFE!
Which means Tadd is in the Bottom Two.

Seriously? Ricky? What’s up with the voters?

Oh well. At least we got a surprise. And now it’s time for the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers to take the stage with odd dance moves and creepy contortions. Also, ridiculously over-dramatic music. Very cool.

Hey, it’s the National Dance Day stuff. I really don’t think I could manage even the easy salsa. Awww… Blind and sick kids dancing. Ewww… Donny Osmond dancing. It’s on July 30 (this Saturday), in case you’re limber enough to participate. I think I’ll just type about it.

Solo Time!

Jordan is first. She’s got her standard sexy dance going on. It looks good, with a bunch of impossible-looking spins and twists in there. Jess is next (with a fingerless glove). Possibly half of his solo is one lengthy spin. That and a lot of leaping about the stage.

Caitlynn’s turn has come on the stage. There’s more of that sexy leaping and spinning from her. Finally we get a solo from Tadd. Apparently is to do nothing at all that involves standing on the stage. It’s all dancing on hands, dancing on the set and leaping off of the stage. Fun.

While the judges figure out what to make of that craziness, there’s new craziness, since it’s time for Lady Gaga to perform. She seems to be dressed fairly conservatively (for her). She’s doing a lot of dancing, so maybe that’s why. The song is that “On the Edge” one before it morphs into something else. What? Well, this is why I need captions.

Lady Gaga’s hair is blue.

It is time for judges to make their final decisions. Let’s hope they actually made one at some point. Hard to say, considering that Nigel won’t stop babbling.

Jordan Casanova has been eliminated!

Jess LeProtto has been eliminated!

Kind of a surprise there. But I guess that’s what happens.

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What do you think? Were the right dancers eliminated? Did you think it was going to be Jess and Jordan, or did you have other dancers in mind? Leave your comments below!

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