Jyll Everman was almost never seen without a smile during her tenure on this season of Food Network Star. While some called her fake or inauthentic, others defended her resolve and cheery personality. Despite wowing the judges on several occasions, and after narrowly escaping elimination last week, Jyll was sent home on Sunday’s episode. While the judges may have found her constant cheerfulness a bit too much, Jyll Everman was pleasant enough with me when I chatted with her about this season of Food Network Star. She discussed Penny (of course) and why her original concept for a Food Network show didn’t fit the bill.

First off, congrats on making it as far as you did on this season of Food Network Star. The competition was stiff.
You’re not kidding! They had amazing chefs of all calibers this year and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated!

How did you balance taking the judge’s critiques with retaining your own vision?
It’s difficult, but I try to listen to everything. They said I was “unauthentic” a few times, but I am a perky happy cheerleader type person, take it or leave it!

What was your favorite challenge? Least favorite?
My favorite was the cupcake challenge because I actually won it (they just edited it out). Ina was an absolute doll and I was beyond thrilled to meet her. My least favorite was the Fourth of July challenge. My carne asada wasn’t very good and I knew it!

What did you make of all the drama this season, specifically with Penny? I know you two butted heads a few times.
Penny and I get along fine. We were roommates and had very few problems in the house. However, this isn’t Survivor, and we were not playing tug of war for the prize. You are pretty much competing with yourself, so there is no reason to be so cutthroat.

That’s a good point. Out of all the contestants still remaining, who do you think has what it takes to become the next Food Network Star?
I think they all have different qualities that I love, and it will be a hard decision. I will say Jeff is a great entertainer and Susie’s food was my favorite.

What is one ingredient that you could never do without?
Parmesan cheese. (Of course! I say cheese, so predictable.)

What is your least favorite ingredient?
Green bell peppers … ugh.

Hey, I like green peppers! Which judge or mentor did you enjoy interacting with the most?
Loved Bob Tuschman. Very sweet man.

Describe Jyll’s Food Network show!
I take all of your favorite foods and I make them into elegant finger foods. My business is called Jyllicious Bites and I specialize in appetizers! That was my original POV but it just didn’t work in competition setting unfortunately…

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