All week things on Big Brother 13 have been boiling and today, they exploded. After a week where a plan to backdoor Jeff backfired severely, the HGs got most of their issues out in the open as Kalia, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel, Dominic, Daniele, and Shelly all got into it. For the most part, Adam, Lawon, and Porsche were wise enough to stay out of it.

'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: An Epic House Meeting Fight

It all began shortly before 1 pm PT when Kalia finally unloaded on Jeff and Brendon about how they’re nothing more than bullies. She had enough of them using the newbies and tricking them all into going along with them, only to be picked off one by one. Brendon used his standard comebacks, calling Kalia a floater and saying that the game isn’t “rocket science,” which he’s studied (the Big Brother 13 editors could easily cut together a five-minute video of Brendon saying that things aren’t rocket science).

The drama is all about who’s lying about the plan to backdoor Jeff that failed spectacularly. From what I can tell, Daniele hatched the plan after hearing Rachel whine about how Jordan didn’t choose her for the luxury competition. She then brought it to Rachel and Brendon, and Daniele also told Kalia and Dominic about what she was doing, getting them on board her Hindenberg of a plan. Rachel and Brendon considered it for a second but then decided to tell Jeff and Jordan about it to solidify their alliance. That’s when Jeff started acting angry because he knew the plan was out there, but he acted like he didn’t know where it was from.

Here’s a rundown of the epic one-hour and 10-minute fight that saw battles between Kalia and Jeff, Daniele and Rachel, and even Dominic and Shelly.

1:15pm: Jordan calls the house meeting and it starts, nicely enough. Dominic gets Brendon and Jordan to acknowledge that he wasn’t behind the plan to backdoor Jeff and that, if they were in his possession, they would’ve gone along with it and done exactly what Dominic did, which doesn’t matter because they’re still going to evict him.

1:25pm: Kalia and Brendon get into another fight as she accuses him of being arrogant, and he proves her point by being very snide and dismissive of her complaints, which only makes her even angrier.

1:30pm: Kalia and Jeff then get into a fight when Kalia accuses the veterans of making deals with all of the newbies (which they have, assuring almost every single person at one time or another that they were working together). Jeff gets angry and accuses Kalia of lying about her involvement in the plan to backdoor him.

1:35pm: The veterans once again accuse Kalia of being a floater for going to both sides. It seems like, in the veterans’ opinion, everyone in the house is either on their side or a floater, ignoring the option that some people are against them. In fact, despite claiming to want to get floaters out, the veterans instead target the people who are coming after them and keep the floaters around as long as possible.

1:38pm: Jeff is angry at Kalia for not telling him about the plan to backdoor him, but she says it’s because she didn’t think it would really happen. Rachel and the other veterans also say that Kalia and Dominic are taking the fall for Daniele, who isn’t loyal, and will gladly throw them under the bus.

1:39pm: Daniele enters the fray by calling Rachel an idiot (good start). That leads to a fight between her and Brenchel where Daniele openly admits to being the one who started the plan to backdoor Jeff.

1:40pm: Daniele explains that her idea to backdoor Jeff came from Rachel’s frustrations with Jordan after not being picked for the luxury competition. Rachel tries to claim that Daniele was planting seeds of doubt between the two couples in her head for two weeks.

1:43pm: Daniele says she targeted Jeff because she saw him as the biggest threat in the game. He tries to play dumb by saying that he hasn’t won any competitions, which is the fundamental flaw of the veterans’ logic: They think winning competitions is the ONLY part of the game which makes people a threat.

1:48pm: Rachel chimes in to complain about how Daniele is saying that she isn’t here to pay for Rachel’s dream wedding. This is another annoying part of Rachel’s game, because she constantly talks about how winning would give her and Brendon enough money for a big wedding, and Daniele’s only point is that this information is irrelevant in terms of the game. Rachel doesn’t want to play emotionally, but the dream wedding is a perfect example of how she wants everyone else to play emotionally.

1:51pm: Jeff says his only goal is to make it to jury with Jordan, which is a lie because he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t want to win.

1:52pm: Jeff only wants the people who deserve to be there to stay, and Kalia correctly asks why he gets to decide who does and doesn’t deserve to be there. Jeff continues to say that Daniele is untrustworthy and that no one should work with her because she doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings or the fact that she ruined Dominic’s game.

1:54pm: Daniele says she didn’t come for summer camp and mockingly apologizes for not bowing down before Brendon, Rachel responds that Daniele is “ridiculous” and has “an evil heart.”

1:56pm: The fight spreads to Dominic and Shelly when he calls her out for voting to evict Keith the first week. Shelly tries to defend herself by saying she never actually said she voted to evict Porsche. Shelly thinks she’s playing a moral, honest game, but deep down she knows she was intentionally misleading the newbies. I guess the sin of omission doesn’t count in her book.

2:05pm: Jordan tries to explain to Kalia that she never turned on her and is upset that Kalia didn’t tell them about the plan to backdoor Jeff.

2:09pm: Kalia says “Is any of this making a difference?” No, it’s not.

2:15pm: Dominic calls out the veterans by saying Rachel and Brendon would never go along with the backdoor plan because they are solid with Jeff and Jordan and are just going to pick off everyone else one by one. This may be the truest thing said during this entire fight.

2:18pm: Shelly says she’s the only person who didn’t come to win the money. If that’s true, then she should get the hell out right now, because otherwise, she’s taking up the spot of someone who actually wants to win. Somehow she also adds that she’s there to compete and to prove herself and that she’ll fight to win, but that’s not the main reason she’s there.

2:25pm: Dominic gets everyone to hug to end the marathon house fight.

Wow, that was one epic hour of fighting and air-clearing, but as Kalia pointed out, it didn’t really accomplish anything. Dominic is certainly still going home, Shelly is still going to work with the veterans and unless Adam, Daniele, Lawon, or Kalia win HoH this week, one of them is definitely going home.

At the end of the day, Jeff and Brendon are still overly cocky and think they’re right. They’ve had complete power for the entire game, yet they wonder why people might want them out, which means they’re either playing stupid or they really are stupid. I mean, it’s not rocket science.

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