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Lost: Season finale thoughts from a non-expert

On the other end of the spectrum is someone like me, who loves Lost, considers it one of the best shows on television (maybe ever), but is far from an expert.  I’m just a dude who tunes in every Wednesday, maybe discusses the episode with friends, and then waits till next week.  I have no theories, no intelligent insights, and sometimes the show confuses me (not often, but I’m an adult and am secure in my bafflement).  This is the beauty of Lost

The show is so dense in its storytelling and mythology that it works for a wide spectrum of fans.  You can get out of Lost whatever you decide to put into it.  Those who decide to probe deep into the mysteries of the island can do so, and discuss their theories, find the easter eggs, etc.  Others can simply watch Lost on ABC, do nothing more, and be completely satisfied.

Being a Lost non-expert, I derive pleasure from the mysteries of the island, even if I have no clue what they mean.  I hypothesize semi-seriously, my conclusions likely scoff-able by any true Lost expert, but that’s okay.  Lost engages everyone, regardless of their intellectual investment in the show.  So, here are some thoughts regarding last week’s two-hour finale, from someone who is relatively ignorant.

– I am still digesting the finale, a two-hour block of television that will remembered as one of the all-time great season finales.  I can’t remember the last time I was so pumped up after a TV show. 

– It may sound a little silly, but I was certain from early on that we were in the midst of a flash forward.  When did I know?  When Jack used his phone for the first time.  It was a Razr (or something like it) and it was definitely new.  It certainly wasn’t a model that was around in 2004.  The Lost team doesn’t make little mistakes like that, so even when Jack talked about his dad being alive and well, I still thought the cell phone was a dead give away.

– Ben is the best villain on television.  When he warned Jack about the intentions of Naomi’s people, I didn’t know what to think.  I suppose you have to assume that he’s lying and he just wants everyone to stay on the island.  But, you could see the desperation in him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were telling the truth.

– Speaking of Ben, the casting of Michael Emerson was a significant moment for Lost. Can you imagine anyone else playing Ben?  He’s also one of the reasons I’m skeptical about the Lost writers having had a solid plan from the beginning on where Lost was going.  Ben has become such an important figure, especially given his small beginnings in the hatch, that I can’t imagine that they had his arc planned from the get go.  They obviously loved what Emerson brought to the table, then expanded from there.  There’s nothing wrong with this, I just always wonder how flexible the writers have been with their overall plan.

– Charlie’s death was well-done.  His and Desmond’s story was one of the more underrated this year and I’ll be sad to see Dominic Monaghan go.  Although, you can’t feel bad for the guy; he’s engaged to Evangeline Lilly (which is, by far, the best pull ever for a former hobbit).

– Speaking of Desmond, I wonder what kind of involvement Penelope will have next season.  They’ve teased us with her now in two consecutive finales.  Something has to happen early next season.

– Flash backs, especially for all the original characters, were growing stale.  I can’t wait for the flash forwards. 

– Jack’s beard was incredible.  If there ever was a beard borne of depression and desperation, it was Jack’s.

– I may not know all the theories and whatnot, but time travel has to be involved, right?

– Matthew Fox’s acting in the finale is Emmy worthy.  Put this man in some good movies. His cameo in Smoking Aces was funny enough, but he needs more to do.

– Locke is a crazy mofo. 

– Prediction #1: Only Kate and Jack get off the island. 

– Prediction #2: The funeral was for Ben.

– Prediction #3: Next season will involve going back home.  Season 5 will have them trying to get back.  Season 6 will take place almost entirely back on the island.

– Prediction #4: Desmond will be one of the three or four main characters next year.

– Prediction #5: There won’t be a huge twist to begin next season.

This is the best thing about Lost: the way the show is set up and the way the writers and producers have conditioned us, we have zero idea of what is going coming into next season.  I’ve said this before, but there’s a definite reason for this: we can’t ever know what is going to happen next, because we don’t even know how it is going to happen.  Lost spits in the face of formula.  Last week’s season finale was unprecedented in its format, opening up a zeppelin of worms while answering some big questions.  There’s no other show like it.   No other show can even attempt to do what Lost does.

There really isn’t much more to be said.  Lost rules…and it’s going to be a long wait until next January.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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Oscar Dahl

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