Last time, we said goodbye to Burim “B-1” Jusufi and Moises Parra when the judges cut them from the So You Think You Can Dance competition. It’s never easy to say goodbye, dance fans. Sigh. 

Is your favorite dancer still in the competition? Did they do enough to stay out of the dreaded bottom six and out of danger?

Get ready, people. This is the So You Think You Can Dance live blog!

The opening number, choreographed by Nick Florez and R.J. Durell, is a crazy mish-mash of colored costumes and is also a mix stylistically. I have mixed feelings about it as well.

Our hostess, the always fashionable Cat Deeley, reveals that Team Stage barely won the week last time. Now let’s welcome our judges: Paula Abdul, Jason Derulo and Nigel Lythgoe.

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Remember to take to Twitter when Cat says it is time to save your favorite dancer if they are in the bottom six.  Use #Save(dancer’s first name). The dancer from each team with the most votes will automatically be saved. 

An Injured Dancer

Derek Piquette isn’t able to compete because of an injury. If he survives the elimination, he will automatically be in the bottom six next time. Feel better, Derek!

JaJa and Hailee

Jazz choreographed by Ray Leeper

We also learn a bit more about the contestants. JaJa is engaged to Robbie, her boyfriend of over one year. Hailee is not a natural blonde and often changes her hair color. This routine is about female power. I love this sexy routine because of its athleticism and rawness. Nigel tells Hailee that she draws his attention and states that JaJa is doing great and growing week to week. Jason advises JaJa to work on her leg extensions.


JaJa and Hailee are both safe.

Alexia and Neptune

Hip-Hop choreographed by Dave Scott

Neptune shares that he has a 4-year-old daughter. Alexia has a blind toy poodle. This number is about a crazy relationship and also features a padded wall. This is one wild and weird routine that also manages to be sexy. Alexia has swag and Neptune kills it. Paula says that the performance was fun and also touts it as “insane, sensual and sexy.” Nigel agrees with Jason that Alexia is getting better every week.


Alexia and Neptune are both safe.

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JJ and Derek

Argentine Tango choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo

Derek confides that he is adopted. JJ loves her top-knot hair style. This routine is about a couple sharing some private time alone. Unfortunately, Derek injured his back and had to sit out the rest of the week. JJ dances with Leonardo, and it is supremely sexy and seductive. Jason tells JJ that she “brought sexy back, and all the judges didn’t know how to act.” Finally, an original critique from Jason! Nigel states that JJ would certainly be on Mary Murphy’s hot tamale train. This statement reminds me of how much I miss Mary. 


JJ and Derek are both in danger.

Jim and Ariana

Contemporary choreographed by Sean Cheesman

Ariana shares that she would like to be a special effects make-up artist if she wasn’t a dancer. Jim enjoys a “therapeutic bubble bath” a couple of times each week. And really, who doesn’t? This piece explores a person’s battle with depression. I don’t love this performance, and I am not sure why. The judges are definitely feeling it as they give Ariana and Jim a standing ovation. Nigel gives both dancers rave reviews. Paula thinks that the performance is “lovely,” and she feels that this routine shows off both Ariana and Jim’s talents.


Jim is safe. Ariana is in danger.

Gaby and Virgil

Broadway choreographed by Al Blackstone

Virgil performs with a jazz band as lead vocalist. Gaby loves to cook in the microwave and fantasizes about being a chef with her own cooking show. This routine is about two people on the streets of New York who literally bump into each other and wonder if they had met before. This routine is fun and beyond entertaining. The duo wins a standing ovation from the judges, and Paula tells them that they are “a day at Disneyland” packed into a dance performance. Jason warns Gaby not to let Virgil upstage her with his facial expressions. 


Gaby and Virgil are both safe.

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Asaf and Kate

Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman

Asaf loves donuts and peanut butter. Kate was almost kidnapped by a real-life serial killer. Yikes! This number is about the popular crowd at a nightclub. Asaf is still having trouble with lifts, and Kate admits to Travis that she is frightened. I don’t see anything wrong with the lifts, but it seems like there is a lack of connection between Asaf and Kate. Nigel tells Kate that she connects with him during this performance. Nigel also states that he knows that Asaf worked hard this week. Paula is happy to see how well the dancers worked together.


Kate and Asaf are both in danger. 

Yorelis and Marissa 

Hip-Hop choreographed by Christopher Scott

Marissa was once a power tumbler, and she still enjoys it. Yorelis is a go-go dancer in Florida clubs. In this routine, Yorelis hypnotizes Marissa and tries to get her to join Team Street. I really like this performance and the rawness both ladies exhibit. Nigel thinks that both ladies danced well. Jason feels that the routine was a bit lacking.


Yorelis is safe. Marissa is in danger.

Megz and Edson

Contemporary choreographed by Talia Favia

Edson coaches high school cheerleading. Megz has 378 pairs of shoes. This piece is about the dangers of temptation. This performance is simple and emotional. I think that Megz really shines here. This duo also earns a standing ovation from the judges. Paula is moved to tears and says that she doesn’t see how the pair could have danced any better. Nigel welcomes Megz to Team Stage and tells Edson that he portrays the emotional part of the piece very well. 


Megz and Edson are both safe. 

The Bottom Six Dancers







Team Street Group Routine

Hip-Hop choreographed by Luam

This piece is about hustlers, and it’s fun and energetic.

Team Stage Group Routine

Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall

This number is about ghosts performing on stage, and it’s very serious and heavy. The dancers are also dancing while holding lights. 

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The Bottom Four Dancers








Going Home



I am not surprised by the results, and I think that the judges made the right call.

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So You Think You Can Dance airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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