Now that the Battle of the Block is over on Big Brother 17, there’s only one HoH and two nominees. That dramatically changes the game and makes it a lot easier to make big moves right away instead of worrying that, if you put up your targets, they’ll win the BoB and be safe.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

James won the HoH competition.

He nominated Clay and Shelli.

That’s right, he went for it and just put up the showmance right away. Shelli is the primary target for James, Jackie and Meg ever since Clelli lied to them about Jason getting backdoored. Even though Vanessa is the one who did it, Shelli is getting all of the blame as the ringleader who most likely spearheaded this decision.

The original plan was to put up two pawns (probably Liz and Vanessa) and then backdoor Shelli, but after sleeping on it, James decided not to mess around and just go straight at them. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy who is tired of playing the pawn game. The ironic part is that Shelli finished second in this week’s HoH competition and James agreed to a deal with her that neither she nor Clay would go on the block. That’s a straight-up Dan Gheesling move, making a deal on the wall and then breaking it.

Becky was initially a part of the James, Jackie and Meg group that plotted against Clay and Shelli, but she immediately ran downstairs and ratted them out to Clay. Later, Johnny Mac also proved his rat skills by telling Clay that he thought he and Shelli might go up on the block. This made Shelli quite angry and, now that they’re on the block, who knows what will happen. It’s entirely possible that Shelli will sell out the Sixth Sense and especially Vanessa just to stay.

All of this is great news for Austin and the twins, who get a free pass to jury after being the biggest targets last week. Perhaps saving Austin last week and betraying Jason and company wasn’t such a good idea. When you draw the line in the sand, the danger is that the other side could win power and come after you.

Even worse, James basically told Austin beforehand about the plan, and Austin was completely OK with throwing Clelli under the bus to protect himself and the twins. James also hinted about it to Vanessa, and once she realized he was gung-ho on this, she essentially told him to stop talking because she didn’t want to know too much about it. So she kind of sold them out too, or at least she didn’t stick up for them at all.

After the feeds returned, Shelli was crying with Clay about how she doesn’t want to be in the game without him, especially if one of them doesn’t make it to the jury. Meanwhile, Meg was clearing the air with Liz and Austin about how she doesn’t blame them for trying to get Jason backdoored because it made complete sense for their game to do that.

Vanessa makes it about herself as she’s upset that Shelli didn’t give her a hug after the ceremony. She’s also angry because she hates that Clay and Shelli are denying their role in the decision to backdoor Jason. Vanessa is crying and getting mad, venting to everyone else (including Jackie and James) about how mad she is with Clelli.

The Have-Nots

James had to pick three Have-Nots and he chose Austin, Liz and Julia. The AusTwins (as the house calls them) also get to enjoy Lolli-Slops, which is a wide assortment of candy, in addition to Slop. These three now join Steve as the only HGs to be Have-Nots twice this season.


-This is Shelli’s first nomination and Clay’s second. Now Austin and Vanessa are the only HGs who’ve never been nominated. Besides Shelli, Liz and Julia are the only other HGs with just one nomination.

-James now has a total of four competition wins (2 HoHs and 2 BoBs), more than anyone else. Johnny Mac and Vanessa each have three wins. Julia is the only HG who hasn’t won a single competition while Clay, Austin and Meg are the only HGs left with just one win.

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