There’s no more Battle of the Block on Big Brother 17, so the Power of Veto is the only opportunity for a nominee to save him or herself. So far this season, four out of the five PoV winners were also nominees, but did that streak continue?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

James won the HoH competition. He nominated Clay and Shelli. Vanessa, Becky and Jackie were also picked to play.

James won the Power of Veto!

For the first time this year, the HoH also won PoV and King James has all the power. It was a prize/punishment competition, so I’ll fill in what everyone got when it becomes clear.

James: Power of Veto
Becky: $5,000
Clay: A trip for 2 to Ireland for on week
Jackie: She must dress like a knight, with fake armor and a helmet, for a week
Vanessa: She must be Jackie’s squire for 24 hours, constantly polishing her armor and sleeping on the floor
Shelli:She has to do a knight routine 2,400 times in 24 hours and ring a bell in the living room every 100 times (similar to when Brittany had to kick the soccer balls last season, and if she fails she can’t play for PoV next week)

As for the week, it looks like the Power of Veto will not be used for the first time this season. Oddly, week 6 was also the first time it wasn’t used last year. Rather than get more blood on his hands, James will leave Clelli on the block and one of them will go home. They might try to make a deal, but it seems doubtful unless they’re willing to completely sell out the Sixth Sense. But they’d rather try to get Steve backdoored.

Instead, Clay is already telling everyone that if the nominations stay the same, he wants them all to vote him out and keep Shelli because she’s a better player than he is. And for some reason, Johnny Mac is crying and seems to be very upset about Clelli being broken up.

For Jackie and Vanessa’s punishment, Jackie is dressed as a knight in armor and Vanessa is her squire who must buff the armor at all times. Vanessa will also have to sleep on the floor and BB can wake her up and order her to buff Jackie’s armor until she’s told to stop.

bb17knightspoilerpic.pngFor Shelli’s challenge, she must use a sword to hit a series of three targets to complete one rotation. Every 100 times she must carry a bell inside to the living room and ring it. If the sword breaks any of the targets, she’s disqualified. One target is a bar that she must reset after every time she knocks it down. No one is allowed to touch her sword or any of the targets. She started at about 9:40pm and must do 2,400 in 24 hours. She finished her first 50 in 15 minutes. Shen hit 100 and rang the bell for the first time after 31 minutes.

bbshelliknight.pngFUN FACTS

-James is the 24th person in the history of the show to win HoH and PoV in the same week.

-James is the first person this season to win all three comps: HoH, PoV and BoB. Last year, Frankie, Donny and Christine were the only ones to do it.

-Technically, this is James’ third comp win in a row (last week’s BoB and this week’s HoH and PoV). He’s only the 10th person to ever win three competitions in a row.

-This is the first PoV competition of the season Johnny Mac has not played in. He and Shelli have each played in five out of six. Julia is the only HG who has never played in a PoV competition while Austin and Liz are the only HGs who’ve only played in one.

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