The power is up for grabs on Big Brother 17. On Thursday’s episode, Jason was evicted, Liz’s twin sister Julia entered the house and 11 HGs began competing for the first solo HoH of the season. Who emerged victorious? Keep reading for a live blog of the competition from the feeds.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

It’s a classic competition where the 11 HGs stand on a wall that tilts while having cold water sprayed at them. There are also fake eagles that crash into their stomachs. The last person left standing will be the sole HoH.

As always, all times are Big Brother 17 local time, aka PST.

7pm: When the episode ended, all 11 HGs were still in the competition. From left to right, the line-up is Julia, James, Clay, Shelli, Jackie, Liz, Becky, Austin, John, Meg and Steve.

7:09pm: The feeds live back and all 11 HGs are still in it.

7:11pm: James is cracking jokes and asking if anyone wants to make a deal.

7:16pm: The ladies are complaining that the eagles are hitting their breasts.

7:17pm: The HGs just got sprayed with fake bird poop.

7:19pm: They get sprayed with water for a full minute and a half. Steve is loving this because he’s a superfan.

: James, John and Steve are the only people who were smart enough to wear long sleeves. Steve has a hoodie.

7:28pm: There’s wind (from fans) and smoke and feathers blowing in their faces.

7:32pm: It sounds like they have tape on their feet with a sandpaper-like substance. Austin’s has fallen off and Clay’s is slipping too.

7:35pm: Steve is out! Austin is out!

7:37pm: Austin is disappointed, but his feet were too big and couldn’t stay on the small ledge. Vanessa points out to him on the sidelines that Jackie’s technique is strong.

7:40pm: Julia is out! Meg is out!

7:41pm: James is bending down. The wall tilted very far down, which is why Julia and Meg fell.

7:43pm: Once again, the ladies complain about how this comp is bad for people with big butts and big boobs.

7:44pm: Time for more rain. Jackie is stone-faced, like she’s in a Zen trance.

7:52pm: It’s been about one hour and seven HGs remain: James, Clay, John, Jackie, Liz, Becky and Shelli.

8:01pm: They just got hit by the birds six times in a row.

8:05pm: It’s time for more water, wind and bird attacks!

8:07pm: Liz just said “My nips are so hard right now” due to the cold water.

8:15pm: It’s been quiet for a while.

8:19pm: The wall keeps tilting down, then going back up and back down. It stayed down for a while.

8:20pm: Jackie is out! Liz is out!

8:24pm: After about an hour and a half, it’s down to James, Clay, John, Shelli and Becky.

8:27pm: There’s more rain. On the sidelines, Liz is telling Julia to forget about all that anti-Austin stuff.

8:32pm: James is crouching down and complaining about how hard it is, but people on the sidelines think he’s messing with the others.

8:35pm: Becky is out!

8:37pm: Clay is out!

8:38pm: It’s down to the Final 3: James, Shelli and Johnny Mac. John has adopted the crouching strategy of James.

8:41pm: Everyone is really impressed with James’ Crouching Tiger position.

8:45pm: Time to spray them with more cold water.

8:52pm: After two hours, it’s still down to James, John and Shelli.

8:56pm: John is out! Shelli is out1

James is the new HoH!

Before she jumped, Shelli wanted a deal and James promised not to put up her or Clay (or Johnny Mac) at all. And since he’s so close to Meg and Jackie, that’s bad news for Austin and the twins.

This is the second time James has won an endurance HoH competition and it puts an end to the four-week run of women dominating the comps. He joins Shelli and Vanessa in winning two HoH competitions this season.

After the competition, they went inside and Julia’s photo is now on the Memory Wall. She just replaced Jace, so he’s no longer on it.

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