I’ve been complaining about how boring Big Brother 17 has been, especially since we’ve had four weeks of Shelli and Vanessa running the game as HoH and keeping the Sixth Sense safe. But with the Battle of the Block coming to an end, the game looks to be dramatically changed for the better and it has a lot of people scrambling.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

James won the endurance HoH competition.

Needless to say, this is a worst-case scenario for the Sixth Sense since he was one of the three remaining HGs who were totally blindsided by Jason’s nomination and eviction. From there, everyone started to scramble, new rats emerged and plans took shape and crumbled.

In the HoH room, James, Jackie, Meg and Becky talked about wanting to backdoor Shelli this week because they primarily blame her for Jason’s eviction and everything else that’s happened in this house that hurt their games (Da’Vonne and Jeff’s evictions). Sure, James made a deal during the HoH competition not to nominate Clay or Shelli, but he seems fine breaking that since deals were broken last week.

However, Becky proved herself to be quite the rat, immediately running downstairs and telling Clay about the plot to take out Clelli. When Clay told Shelli, she freaked the hell out and was ready to blow up everything. She didn’t, but an interesting dynamic emerged. Vanessa is putting all of the blame for Jason’s nomination on Clelli while Clay and Shelli blame Vanessa. That tight trio is turning on each other.

Meanwhile, Austin and the twins are being given a free pass. James, Jackie and Meg would much rather work with them than Clayu, Shelli and Vanessa at this point. Even though Austin, Liz and Julia are still terrified they’re going up, James did promise them safety. In a side note, it seems Julia still doesn’t completely forgive Austin for what he did with Jason last week. She really seems to hate Austin.

At first Vanessa’s strategy was to try and get James to target floaters (like Steve and Johnny Mac), but he wants to make a big move. Shelli and Clay decided to throw the other half of the Sixth Sense (Austin and the twins) under the bus to James too.

There’s a lot going on now that James, Jackie and Meg have power. They no longer care and are ready to go to war after last week. Then there’s Shelli and Clay, freaking out over the possibility of being targets and Vanessa struggling to save herself by making vague, generic deals. Austin and the twins are somehow a non-issue while Steve and Johnny Mac seem to be coasting their way to jury.

Whatever happens (and it looks like Liz and Vanessa might get nominated with an eye towards backdooring Shelli), there’s a good chance the Sixth Sense will be losing a member this week and once the final nominations are set, the campaigning could get ugly.

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