Move over, singers. Time for the dancers to take over.

Sure, we’re not really getting much rest: So You Think You Can Dance returns for its seventh season tonight, just a day after American Idol announced its winner. But that’s not much of a concern: there are a lot of changes to this season, and they’re bigger than last season’s disastrous stage.

The most important change is, of course, this season having only ten finalists instead of twenty. It’s an individual competition now: gone is the reliance on dancing pairs, as partners will change every week, and each of the Top 10 have to shine from the very first day or risk elimination.

To make things tougher, the finalists will partner up with a pool of all-stars: previous SYTYCD finalists, each an expert in their own genres. While we won’t hear from them yet tonight, you can prepare yourselves for the return of Ade Obayomi, Allison Holker, Anya Garnis, Comfort Fedoke, Courtney Galiano, Dominic Sandoval, Kathryn McCormick, Lauren Gottlieb, Mark Kanemura, Neil Haskell, Pasha Kovalev and Twitch Boss.

Another returning face is Mia Michaels: after sitting out the whole of season 6, she returns this season as both choreographer and permanent judge. But we’re not seeing the last of Mary Murphy, though — nor have we heard the last of her screams from her hot tamale train — as she will return as a choreographer.

Also expect a couple of new choreographers: can anybody tell me who some of the people in this video are?

Tonight, of course, we start with the auditions, with two weeks of shows leading to the Top 10 being revealed. Here’s the breakdown:

May 27 (today): Miami/New York auditions, 8pm
June 2 (Wednesday): Chicago/Los Angeles auditions, 8pm
June 3 (Thursday): Nashville/Dallas auditions and Vegas callbacks, 8pm
June 9 (Wednesday): Vegas callbacks, 8pm
June 10 (Thursday): The Top 10 is revealed, 8pm

So, again, singers, move on over. It’s the dancers’ turn. Now, to see whether all these changes to So You Think You Can Dance — it starts tonight on FOX — is worth it…

(Image courtesy of Fox)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV