It wasn’t long ago that Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited briefly for the sake of their kids, but it really had to end there. Sources say that another female figure has been introduced to the children lately: the reality TV dad’s new girlfriend.

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Us Weekly reports that the latest lady to be listed on the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star’s roster is Ellen Ross, a 23-year-old living near the Gosselin family’s home. She and Jon Gosselin have been dating for a month now, and the father of eight pushed through with a big decision. He brought her along to a Pennsylvania playground during his time with the kids.

“She is the first love interest to be introduced to his children,” a source revealed. The kids’ reaction? They were at first “confused,” as expected. Eventually though, the insider said that they have “really taken to Ellen and she’s enjoying spending time with them.”

But what about Jon and Kate Plus 8 matriarch Kate Gosselin? Aside from tearing her skirt off on the Dancing with the Stars reunion, she’s currently fighting off putdowns and counting her cash.

E! Online reports that Dancing with the Stars alum Gilles Marini had a few words about Kate. He said, “I started watching [this season] a little more as soon as she was not in the show anymore. For me, I want to see less drama, more of someone that really tries hard and pulls through.”

Well, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 mom did pull through with quite a paycheck. According to PopEater, she was paid about $500K for swinging her hips on the dance competition.

“Kate earned over $100,000 per week,” an insider said. “[…]Say what you want about her, but Kate will do anything to make sure her children have a bright future. Even making a fool out of herself on national TV.”

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 No wonder she doesn’t bother worrying over her ex-husbands exploits.
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