On July 8, Big Brother returns with an all new cast and all new challenges. Another new thing about it is the schedule that CBS has for it. The highly anticipated summer reality show will now air its episodes every week Thursday, Sunday and Wednesday.

CBS Sets Premiere Date for Big Brother 12

So that means eliminations will take place on Thursday, then nominations will be on Sunday. On Wednesdays, our new houseguests will be undergoing the Power of Veto ceremony.

Casting has already been conducted, meaning it’s time to get ready for another season of Big Brother. Will there be another twist like last year’s? What crazy obstacle course will be set up in the backyard? Will they force the houseguests to eat silly food again?

The new promo hasn’t exactly given us any ideas, but you can watch it again here if you haven’t seen it yet. Last season’s Jeff and Jordan are on there, even though they’ve made it through to The Amazing Race already. Didn’t win though.

Ah, these season 11 memories. Does anyone else remember that slip and slide made out of garbage bags? It only makes us wonder what the new houseguests will think up next.

What Would It Take to Be on Big Brother 12?

Don’t miss all this and more when Big Brother returns this July on CBS.

Source: CBS
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