The art world will be taking over television for once, and Bravo’s Work of Art will be the perfect vehicle for that. Helping out is famed American art critic Jerry Saltz, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist in Criticism. With that and many credits under his belt, we’re sure he’d be great judging the competition.

Meet the Cast of Work of Art

But given his credentials, his decision to actually take part in a reality TV series remains shocking. He talked to Time Out Chicago about his time on the show, and explained just why he wanted to be a judge on Work of Art.

“I wanted to perform criticism in public to show that it’s not an elitist practice but specialist and subjective–and more thrilling than people imagine,” Jerry Saltz revealed.

He also said that he isn’t doing all this for the money, because being a reality show judge doesn’t really pay all that much. At least we know he’s committed to the show for the sake of art.

As for viewers of the show, the judge assured everyone that they need not be intimidated. While the art world appears to be that high up on the social ladder, Work of Art is doing its best to make it accessible for audiences.

“People are frightened of looking at and making judgments about art, and they don’t need to be. They just need to look longer, see harder, listen to themselves, and they’ll hear voices they didn’t know they had in their heads, voices of real discernment,” Saltz added.

He also went on to talk about the value of art for himself, and hopefully raise the interest of those watching. “Sometimes watching somebody saw a piece of wood–not so interesting. To me, however, it’s metaphysically sensual–watching somebody try to imbed thought in material,” he said.

Learn More About the Work of Art Artists

We’ll get to know more about Jerry Saltz once Work of Art airs. Don’t forget, the new reality competition premieres on June 9 at 11pm on Bravo.

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